Gary Satterlee

I remember much of what I have read about Indian Mountain AFS.  I was assigned to 708th AC&W Squadron at top camp from 1971-1972.  I was there when the guy at top camp died of a heart attack.  Actually, he died in my arms.  He was my NCOIC.  I was a crew chief in the radar tower.  I later was assigned to the Operations Office, in charge of all training of weapons personnel.  I was also at top camp when we were sent to Elmendorf when the sewers froze up.  I sure didn't like taking a crap in a 55 gallon barrel with boards across it in the gym.  But I did like eating all the moose, bear, and carbou meat we could get.  The chow was great.  As you, I can't recall all the names and faces, but some of the names that are mentioned on this site seem familiar.  I was also there when the "strippers" came in and "performed".  What a time!

In Roy Hartnell's photos, he has one of "Sky Top Lodge".  I remember that the window just to the left, the one with the snow piled most of the way up in the picture, was my room.  It was one of the E-5 and up rooms.  I was also the top camp barber for a while.  And I was the manager of the "bowling alley", singular, for a while.  I also did ironing for extra money.  Lots of free time up there you know.