Jim Howard



That is a photo of the Communications guys--I think we were the 1930-8 Comm. Det.  The photo was taken in the chow hall, which at that time had that wonderful Hawaii background (maybe it was always there).  The photo was taken in 1969. 
As you are looking at the photo, back row:  Howard (Oregon), Walker (Colorado), Codd (New York), Cherry (L.A.), Bloomfield (Dallas), Lockney (West Virginia).
Middle row:  Johnson--maroon sweater (Boston), Pomfret (Conn.)
Front row:  Carpenter--light blue shirt (Calif.), Gregory (Maine), Blystone (Nebraska), and Summers (St. Louis)
Blystone was the Det. Commander.
I've got some 8mm film of the place, too.  We had a bear named Kazoo who was always hangin' around the "skuzz dump"--maybe you knew him also.  Anyway, he's there with a couple of the new cubs, climbing up the antenna poles.  I've also got some more random photos if anybody wants a copy.  You can post my e-mail address if you like.