Vince Staffo Ilion, NY


I was stationed at Indian Mt. in the supply section from August 1961 to August 1962. The pictures you have on your site sure do bring back some memories! I was stationed at bottom camp but I made several trips up the Mt. to deliver supplies to top camp. I well remember the switchback from your pictures. We had manual shift trucks back then and it was always interesting when you had to shift gears to make it through the switchback! They had just completed new housing buildings at top camp when I got there in 61. While I was there we had one airman (cook) get killed at bottom camp by falling through the ice at the nearby creek in the spring. We had a staff sergeant flip out and he had to be taken out in a strait jacket! An interesting tour of duty! I have attached a picture of bottom camp I took from about 2 or 3 miles up the Mt.