Wendell (Barry) Parker
Indian Mountain AFS 1966-1967

I was a Power Production Technician at Indian Mountain from October 1966 to October 1967.  I spent my first two months at bottom camp, then moved up to top camp in December 1966.  It was the most isolated place I was ever at.  We got a new movie about once every two weeks and had one Armed Forces radio station to listen to.  I built a short wave radio from a kit and spent a lot of time with the radio.  There was a manual bowling alley at Top Camp.  I sometimes worked at the bowling alley and sometimes I worked at the hamburger bar in the chow hall that we operated after hours.  I don't remember anyone skiing, but there was sleding and lots of hunting.  We had a problem with the water supply at top camp (frozen pipes or something) in the winter that caused us to lose fresh water for several weeks.  I remember melting snow in drums, and having to use make shift latrines outside that we had made with plywood and 55 gallon drums.  On another occasion, the power lines from bottom camp went out and we had to run the top camp power plant 24-7 for several weeks with only two of us there to man the Power Plant.  Normal operation of the top camp power plant was 8 hrs a day 7 days a week to supplement the bottom camp power plant and alow them to do maintenance on their generators.  The NCO club was open seven days a week and we had a small BX that sold a lot of record albums, and some guns.  Hunting was a popular sport.  I went to a gold mine at bottom camp in June 1967.  It was fun, except for the swarms of mosquitos.  We weren't allowed any leave during our one-year tour on the mountain (or at least the power plant guys weren't).  They wouldn't let me leave until I had a replacement on board.  I got off the mountain about two weeks late at end of October 1967 because my replacement disappeared after he finished the orientation course at Elmendorf AFB.  I always thought he went AWOL because he didn't want to go to the mountain.  Never found out for sure about him.