Kevin Reynolds
October 1976-August 1977

. Was at bottom camp as a weather observer from October 1976 to August 1977. Tour was cut short when weather personnel were phased out by civilians. I saw the last days of Old Butch and Lightning (camp dogs). I climbed the big antenna at the top of the runway in winter to change the lightbulb. It took a long time for them to talk me into doing it. :-P I remember fellow observers Dave and Jake the Snake. We had the best baker in the AF. I was at Norton's cabin and heard a funny rumor about it that took place a few years before I got there. Hiked from top camp down to bottom camp following the power line. Will never forget the Aurora. The remains of gold sluices were still there. Saw it snow out of a clear sky. Indian Mountain was quite an experience though I missed having women around. Oh well. LOL