Wellen, Prussia Family Line
(aka: Wormeldange Luxembourg Family Line)

This line is originally from Wellen, Saarland, Prussia.  Michael DEMUTH is the first known ancestor of this line.  The immigrant ancestor of this line is Michael DEMUTH.  Michael and his family immigrated in March of 1866 to the Green Bay Wisconsin area.  This line is descended from the Wormeldange Luxembourg Line.  Both families have ties to the village of Wellen. 
Ancestors still carrying the surname of Demuth from this line are mainly in Green Bay, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.   
According to family members their surname, Demuth, was spelled with a small M up to the 1930's.  The nuns at the school that they attended said that because the name was pronounced with the French sound that the proper way to spell it was with a capital M. Surnames associated with this line are:
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Wormeldange Luxembourg Family Line

This line is linked to the Wellen, Prussia Line.  Both families have ties to the village of Wellen.  Wilhelmi DIEMUTH is one of earliest known ancestor of this line.  There are several immigrant ancestors from this line.  One of them is Paulus and his son Peter K. who immigrated in 1854 and settled in the areas of Hollandale and  Mineral Point Wisconsin.  Paulus's brother, Mathias DEMUTH also immigrated in 1853 his ancestors can be found in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Descendants of this line spell their surname both with and without a capital M.  Surnames associated with this line are: BAKER, BECKER, BUCHOLZ, CONDON\COUDON, FLYNN, HARTMANN, HATTEN, HENES, JACOBS, KETTER, KIME\KINN, KOYN, LEHAUMBERG, LUDWIG, MAY, McKENNA, NEIS, NEUMAN, PARKS, PUNNELL, SCHAMBERG, SCHILLING, STREFF, SULLIVAN, TAUSCHER, THIEBEN and WENNER.
Researchers: Warren H.
DeMuth, 3005 W. 96th St. Cir, Bloomington, MN, 55431; Allan DeMuth, 10926 Welk Dr., Sun City, AZ 85373; Winston B. DeMuth, 616 First St., Crete IL, 60417-2014; Ellen Sandow SANDOW@macc.wisc.edu
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