Konigsave Germany Family Line

Louis DeMUTH is the first known ancestor from this line. Louis was born in Germany in 1873 and married Marie BRANDT there in circa 1892. Of the children that Louis and Marie had only Richard Herman Alvin Wilhelm DeMUTH who was married to Martha Louise LIEDER immigrated to America in 1928.  They settled in Binghamton, Broome Co., NY and had a large family.  Many of their descendants still live in NY and CT.  This family spells their surname with a capital M. Surnames associated with this line are BOLLMEIER, GAWALEK, LIEGLER and Priest.
Researchers: Mary BECKHAM, 369 First Ave., Vestal, NY, 13850-1801
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LaFayette County Wisconsin Family Line

John DEMUTH is the first known ancestor from this line. John was born in Germany in 1837.  John was married to Barbara HARTER\ HARTEN\ HINSDENT. They lived in Darlington, Lafayette Co., WI and Iowa Co., WI.  Children include; Josephine A. DeMUTH, John J. DeMUTH Jr., August 'Gus' Jos. DEMUTH and Frank DEMUTH. Surnames associated with this line are; HOWARD, LAUER, MICHALSON, O'NEILL, SANER, PEAVY and ROY.
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Luxembourg #1 Family Line

Nicholas DeMUTH is the first known ancestor from this line. Nicholas was born 1832 in Luxembourg and married Clara DUCHANG there.  They immigrated to America in 1861, they went first to IA them to MN.  Thad had at least nine children that appeared on the 1880 census in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.  The children listed were: Mary, Louise, Anna, Catherine, Helen, Susana, John, Edward and Joseph DEMUTH.  No other information is known about this line.
Researchers: Keith
Lawrence, 6270 D Magda Dr., Maple Grove, MN, 55369-6420; Stacy Rich, 2105 Larkspur St., Flower Mound, TX 75028
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