Miami County Indiana Family Line

Johannes DEMUTH is the earliest known ancestor of this line.  This family first shows up in Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania in 1770 when Johannes DEMUTH and Elizabeth SAGER son Samuel DEMUTH was born.  This family is concentrated in the Miami County Indiana area.
Researchers: Randy
NICHOLS, randy&; Donald E. GRADELESS, 2655 Fairview Lane, Brookfield, WI 53045-4117; Curt Gamble, crg8ibq& ; David Demuth BOON, dboon&

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Moravain Family Line

This is the family that the majority of the DEMUTHs living in the US are descended from.  This line is originally from Karlsdorf, Moravia.  Christoph DEMUTH is the first known ancestor of this line.  The immigrant ancestors of this line are:
Gotthard DEMUTH moved to Herrnhut on March 10, 1726.  He was a watchmaker by trade.  He came to America on the ship "Two Brothers".  They landed in Savannah Georgia on March 22, 1735.
Gottlieb DEMUTH Sr. was born at Karlsdorf, Moravia.  He moved to Herrnhut on June 1 1730.  He immigrated to America in 1736.  He came to America with his Aunt Regina, her husband, Gotthard, came to America the year before.
      This family line can be found mainly in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The majority of this line spells their name
Researchers: Too numerous to list here, If you want a list shot me an Email.
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Ohio County West Virginia Family Line
(aka: St. Wendel Germany Family Line)

This family lives in the West Virginia counties of Harrison and Ohio. There seems to be a link to the St. Wendel line.
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