Braunschweig Germany Family Line

This line is originally from Braunschweig Germany.  The known ancestor in this line is Hans DeMUTH who was born circa 1914 in Germany.  He married Liselotte WARNECKE there and they had at least three sons, Hans b. 1934, Klaus b. circa 1939 and Peter b. circa 1945.  All were born in Braunschweig, Germany.  Hans came to the US and now lives in Danbury, Fairfield Co., CT.
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Broad Bay, Maine Family Line

This line is originally from Birkenbeul, which is in reformed parish of Hamm in Rheinland, Germany. Christian DEMUTH is the first known ancestor of this line.  The immigrant ancestor of this line is Johann Henrich DEMUTH.  Johann is only listed in the records at Hamm from 1741-1748, it would seem that they apparently moved to this area from somewhere else, possibly a neighboring town. He immigrated to Broad Bay Maine in 1751. 
There are very few ancestors still carrying the surname of Demuth from this line.  They can be found mainly in Maine. The majority of this line spells their name Demuth.
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Burbach Germany Family Line

Anton N. DEMUTH Sr. is the first ancestor known in this family line.  Anton married Augusta Maria Sophie SCHWENKER date unknown.  We know they had at least one son, Franz Xavier DEMUTH b. 18 Sep 1908 in Burbach Germany.  Franz came to America some time before his marriage on 14 Apr 1932 to Henrietta FINKE at Prairie Hill, TX.  They had the following children: Eugene, Franklin, Doracele and Jenette DEMUTH.
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