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This web site is a clearinghouse for information on the Demuth surname.  It is meant to establish a dialog between Demuth researchers.  The web site is a form to exchange ideas and promote further research into the Demuth families.  There are bound to be inaccuracies in the information presented within these pages.  None of the information presented is meant to be used as proof of ancestry.  Use the information presented as a starting point for further research.

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Demuth \ DeMuth \ Damuth Family Lines
Braunschweig Ger. \ Broad Bay, ME \ Burbach Ger. \ Consdorf Lux. \ Grant Co. WI \ Hamburg Ger. \ Herkimer Co. NY \ Hoch-Weisel Ger. \ Holtz Lux. \ Iowa Co. WI \ Kappelrodeck Ger. \ Konigsave Ger. \ LaFayette Co. WI \ Lux. #1 \ Miami Co. IN \ Moravain \ Ohio Co. WV \ Oneida Co. NY \ Phillips Co. KS \ Quebec Can. \ Reno Co. KS #2 \ Reno Co. KS #3 \ Rinteln, Hessian \ Rossdorf Ger.Runkel an Lahn Ger. \ Sandweiler Lux. \ St. Wendel Ger. \ Wellen, Pru. \ Wormeldange Lux. \ Wyl Swit. \ Zurich, Swit.MISC. DEMUTH LINKS \ Demuth ancestral villages: Luxembourg & Germany  Submitted Queries  \ Home \  Demuth/DeMuth/Damuth Newsletter