Consdorf Luxembourg Family Line

The first known ancestor in this line is Franz DEMUTH b. 1774 and d. 1844 in Bochholz, Flaxweiler, Luxembourg.  Some Luxembourg surnames: HAMEN, LUX, HOFFMAN and SCHWITZ  The first American ancestor in this line was Paul DEMUTH who came to America in 1907 and settled in Minnesota.  Paul has many descendents who live in southern Minnesota as well as the twin cities and other locations.
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Grant County Wisconsin Family Line
(aka: Wormeldange Luxembourg Family Line)

Because of the high numbers of Luxembourg immigrants in this area there are several different DEMUTH lines either lived or came through Grant County Wisconsin.  The one family that I gave the name of Grant Co. WI Family Line is that of John DEMUTH.  We do not know when he immigrated, but his obituary says "as a mere boy".  We know it was before 1859.  He was born in Luxembourg in 1829.  He married Mary KOHL.  Surnames associated with this line are AUST, GIEVER, HEGER, KOHL, MORIATY and WEBER.  Descendants from this line still live in the state of Wisconsin and the southwestern corner of Minnesota.  Most descendants of this line spell their surname Demuth. We have linked this family line to the Wormeldange Lux. family line.
Alice Weber, Robert DeMuth,; Karen A. Reese
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Hamburg Germany Family Line

Bernard DEMUTH is the first identified ancestor in this family line.  Bernard was born in Germany in 1846 and married Augusta there.  Bernard and Augusta had 12 children.  Descendents from this line still live in Hamburg Germany.  The only known descendant of this line that immigrated to America was Otto DEMUTH.  Otto was born in Germany in 1901 and married Bertha REICH there.  They came to the US in 1927 and settled in Oconmowoc, Waukesha Co., WI.  Surnames associated with this line are: REICH, NOLD, ROTH and WENSLAFF.
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