Some Old Pictures

Here are some old pictures that I came across recently, the first 4 were taken on a trip I took to Miami Fla. in June of 1966 with 2 other guys who were in the Yonkers MC with me, Jackie Weise and Billy McCarthy. Billy emigrated to Australia a couple of years after this and smashed his leg up pretty bad in a m/c accident. The bikes were Jack's '62 H-D FL an ex Yonkers PD bike, Billy's '65 BSA Thunderbolt and my '66 H-D XLCH. This was before interstates and the trip took 3 days, Yonkers N.Y. to Miami. We arrived in Miami in the midst of a hurricane. The captions are the best that I can remember.

At a Motel in Georgia on our way to/from Miami in June 1966. Probably on the way down 'cause in rained from Georgia to Jersey on the way back. Myself and Billy McCarthy - My '66 CH, Billy's '65 BSA and Jackie's '62 FL

Jackie Weise and
myself somewhere
down south
Fixing a flat
on my XLCH
While McCarthy laughs
Myself and Jack (note the YMC sticker on Billy's rear fender)
My daughter when she was 2 on my '67 FLH
This was taken in 1970 shortly after I moved upstate from Yonkers. That's a Wixom fairing, Harley didn't market fairings yet. The front fender plate said "Yonkers Motorcycle Club AMA 6". I later re-painted this all black and sold it in 1973.

This was taken in front of the YMC's old clubhouse on South Broadway in Yonkers during a parade in 1966. The bike is the Harley dealer's '54 stroker sidecar rig. He used to volunteer to marshall the parades and I guess I got stuck with it this time.

At a Halloween Party in 1966 at the YMC's old clubhouse, with my then girlfriend Janet. The guy in the back in the prison outfit is Lenny Cannavo

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