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I was a member of the New York State Police from 1967 until my retirement in 1995. I served as a uniform Trooper for 19 years and then as an Investigator (detective) for my last nine. My time as an investigator was spent in N.Y.C. working narcotics, specifically the Cali Colombia Cartel, with the Organized Crime Task Force. These are a few of the pictures that I have laying around from my State Police days. They take a while to load, so if you don't like the music go to the bottom of the page, click on the little note and turn it off.

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1500 Kilos seized from a house in Nassau County. We also seized another 10 kilos in Newark NJ from this same defendant
2040 Kilos from an apartment in Queens. That's over 2 tons from a third floor apartment.
8 Million dollars seized from a house in Bayside Queens, we also got guns and drugs from a house in Whitestone the same day.
Some of the guns from the same house in Bayside, Uzi w/silencer, an M-16 and some handguns.
5 Million Dollars from a house in Yonkers concealed behind a false wall
This is the access to the hidden space.
This is the access with the cover partially in place
The inside of the false wall showing "U-Haul" boxes containing the cash stacked
This is me and one of the SP bikes I restored in 1992

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