Some of My Bikes

These are some pictures of a few of my bikes. I don't have any pictures of a lot of my old bikes like my '47 Knucklehead FL, my '57 FLH and only a couple of any of my XLCH's. None of my '72 FX and only one of my '67 FLH. If you want to see the old pictures of me and a couple of my bikes and buddies go here.

1967 FL
1966 FL Police
Memorial day 1994
Troop K HQ
1990 FXR
2002 FLHP-I
Road King Police
2011 FLHTP-I
Road King Police
2005 FLHP

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The '67 Harley in the first picture is one I built from parts, the front tubes are Progressive Suspension with dual disc GMA brakes. The controls, both foot and handlebar, are JayBrake. The engine is stock 74 ci with ported and polished heads, Sifton valve springs, Wiseco 9:1 pistons, S&S oil pump with '73 drive gears, S&S rods, and a Sifton cam with solid lifters. It has a '73 rear fork with a GMA disc brake and Progressive Suspension shocks. It was originally painted a PPG red pearl paint that looked pretty good when it was done, but it is a daily driver and after a couple, 3 trips to Florida it started to look a little ratty. This bike is now painted in a candy tangerine.

The '66 in the second picture was also put together by me from parts. It is an original NYSP motorcycle, has a rear wheel siren, red lights, and a police speedometer with the magnetic stop. It is all original except for some items that were changed to improve ridability (electronic regulator, Bendix carb.), the engine was rebuilt with S&S rods, Wiseco 9:1 pistons and an S&S oil pump with '73 drive gears to improve engine oiling. It also has ported and polished heads and Sifton valve springs. It is painted black & Birch White which is correct for a '66 NYSP motorcycle. It is also a daily driver and I've made many trips on it to Canada, Washington DC (3 times), and Daytona.

The '66 in the third picture is one of two that I restored for the NYSP back in 1991 for their 75th anniversary. These were original NYSP bikes but had been transferred to Parks & Recreation in 1967 who had used them in the State Parks, and then cannibalized them, they were returned to the SP in 1980 as basket cases. They were re-built from the frame up. It took me roughly some 150 odd hours to do them. The work on all these, was done by me in my garage at home, the paint was done by my pal, Red Hewitt, also in my garage.

The 4th picture is my '90 FXR Low Rider which I bought in January 2000, it only had 2000 miles on it and hadn't been ridden since 1995. The odometer turned 19,000 (Oct.'01) so you see I've put some miles on it. It's all stock except for a Dynajet Thunderslide kit, K&N air filter, Cycle Shack exhaust and some cosmetic changes. I sold this in February 2002 because I now have........

The 5th picture. It's a 2002 FLHP-I Police Road King, I picked it up Maroney's Harley-Davidson in Newburgh NY in April 2002, I sold this in September 2004 with 48,000 miles on it. I then purchased a 2005 FLHP-I in Oct ober 2004, sold it in March 2007 over E-Bay to a guy in Pensacola Fla., but had already bought a 2007 FLHP-I in October 2006. They all look the same so I didn't bother changing the picture. Which brings us to the sixth picture it is of my 2011 FLHTP Police ElectraGlide, picked it up in August 2010, sold the 2007 to a fellow club member with 46,000 miles on the clock. I'm real happy with the 2011, should have gotten a fairing a couple of bikes ago.The last Pic is of my 2005, just found a picture, as you can see it's pretty much the same as the 02.

Left side
Siren detail
Right side rear

These are some other photos of my '66 that I took for the "Police Motorcycle Historical Assn." They show closeups of the rear wheel siren, speedometer and fire extinguisher mounted on the rear. The luggage rack was not original, I mounted it just to dress up the bike a little.

If you care to see them there are more pictures, mostly club pictures from the Wild Pigs Here and Here. There is also a Photo Album HereThese may take a little while to load so be patient.

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