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4th (15K)
Outside range gates/door turn on at 08:45AM and off at 9:00PM (2100). So be sure to be off the ranges before 9PM!

News update!

We had our board meeting tonight, some new changes on the horizon, I will fill you in.
 First off I want to announce that we will have a membership meeting on Wednesday night June 10th at 7 P.M. outside under the pavilion.
I asked you to please follow the social distancing rules. Masks are only required if you are closer then 6 ft.
We will have plenty of space to keep 6 feet apart.
 I also will announce tonight that are scholarship winner this year is Alberto Cannistraci. He will get his award at this meeting.
 We will soon have a disinfectant sprayer that we will be using on the club that being said,
we will open up the clubhouse starting this Thursday as well as the indoor range.
 Again we ask you to follow the social distancing rules and use every other bench downstairs.
Everyone is an adult and should know how to take care of themselves, we are not the social distancing and mask police.
This is your Club you need to take care of the club and take care of yourself.
If you're sick stay home! We will also allow guest back to the club , also starting Thursday.
 This Wednesday night we will also block off part of the parking lot, and Reserve that for our meeting. We need to get back to normal!
Please stay safe, respect everyone's space and let's start enjoying some of our summer.
 We are still selling ride shirts, pins for benefit of the K-9 Division of the Sheriff's Department.
 We also Have Lobster Tickets $12 (going fast) and chicken bbq for $8.
Letter from our club President Paul Catucci and Sheriff Richard Giardino ref PTRC's Annual Bike Ride

PTRC Proposed Bylaws Revisions

 The lobster bake and chicken BBQ are on this year, We will hold them no matter!
Hopefully social distance thing will be over by then because the tentative date for the lobster bake is July 15th,
but if not what we're going to do is have a Drive up, curbside pickup.
I got the plans all in place. That's all I'm going to need is some volunteers to help serve the dinner. What I planned on doing is putting 3 different times on the tickets, that way as the meals are prepared we can bring your's to the car and you could be on your way!
I know some people like to socialize at the club, and if we're unable to do that at least you can enjoy a great dinner for once again a great price.
I know a lot of you were like me are sick of this situation, and we need to get back to somewhat normal.
If we have to do the chicken barbecue in August the same way we will! Covid-19 is not going to keep us down.
We will fight back and we will win! I am going to get the tickets out as soon as possible so you can pick yours up at the club.
I'm going to try to hold the cost down to $12 per dinner again for the Lobster dinner which will include,
"a whole lobster, potato, coleslaw, baked beans, and of course a roll".
And what is a pine tree dinner without dessert? I say not a pine tree dinner.
So we will have some kind of dessert as soon as I get tickets I will let you know!
This msg is from our club President Paul Catucci

Pine Tree Rifle Rifle Club Camp Scholarship Program 2020

Every WEDNESDAY is our regular work party day 9AM till! Have some extra time, Join Us!
All ranges are CLOSED "WEDNESDAY"
For the rest of the week ranges are open from "9AM till dusk!"
As part of our Continuing Education program here at PTRC we will be showing the following trainning DVD
at our ??/??/2020 General Membership mtg at 5:00PM

3D Archery for May 10th is open.

DEC HUNTER ED PROGRAMS are reopening. PTRC will be offering Hunter Ed Rifle August 16th 8-4pm!

2020 Training Classes at Pine Tree Rifle Club  Updated 04/15/2020

NYS Hunter Education Program Event Locations

Hunter Education Program Information with links to course materials

50 Yard Pistol Range
The Firing line is from the dutch doors of the building not in front of!

We may also use rifles chambered in 22 rimfire.
Again frames are provied, use then put back!

200 Yard Range - When entering RED FLAG is to be raised by the first one in and lowered by the last one out.
Target frames are provided. Be sure to remove them off to the side of the range when done!
REPORT any damage that may have occurred to frames.

To contact our Club President via Email
Visit Paul's PTRC Facebook page

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