NRA Basic Pistol Course

   The NRA Basic Pistol Course is dedicated to instructing individuals in the advancement
of proper shooting techniques. This is a course instructing pistol shooters in all of the
necessary processes to become a good shooter and enjoy the sport safely.

   The course consists of eight hours on a Saturday (8:00AM - 4:00PM).
We do furnish a light breakfast and a lunch for the students on Saturday.

The class consists of the following:

                                                    - Safety
                                                    - Pistol mechanisms and operation
                                                    - Building pistol shooting skills
                                                    - Pistol maintenance, selection and use
                                                    - Instruct the proper shooting positions
                                                    - Information and training resources
                                                    - Facts from the NRA
                                                    - Pistol Cartridges

    The classes are instructed by Certified NRA Instructors and volunteers from the
Pine Tree Rifle Club.

    There are in general two classes per year and the classes are limited to sixteen students.
(If there is a heavy demand for a third class, it is likely we will hold a third.)