01. Understanding the Idea of "Myths & Misconceptions"
02. Misconceptions about "Castle Doctrine" & "Stand your Ground" Laws
03. The Myth of the "Good Shooter"
04. The Myth of Switching Shooting Hands for "Weak Side Cover"
05. Viability of an Ankle Holster
06. Misconceptions about "Absorbing Recoil"
07. The Myth of Empty Chamber Carry
08. Misconceptions about Appendix Carry
09. The Myths of Reloading from a Kneeling Position
10. The Myth of "Racking" the Shotgun
11. The Myth of Limited Precision from a Snub Nosed Revolver
12. The "Any Gun Will Do" Myth & The 1911 Pistol
13. Misconceptions about Contact Shooting
14. The Myth of Defensive Sighted Fire
15. Misconceptions about the Need to Train for Defensive Shooting