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May 2nd, 2024

    Spring is here and summer on the way. We have been able to complete several projects so far to including replacement of the last section of roof on our club house over the bathrooms, storerooms. The two trap unit roofs replaced and a brand new wabble trap machine.
    On the 200yd range, a new 50 yard target rail system with new target frames has been completed. Also 3 new benches have been added to make 42 in total available. With the 2024 Rimfire Bench rest league starting they will be needed. For safety two new red lights were added.
    Summer trap league is now in full swing as well as Thursday evening trap being open. Now is the time to stop in and try out our new wobble machine on trap one. (The machine that was in trap field one is now in trap field two replacing the older outdated machine - thanks to Rick and the Crew)
    In the kitchen the countertop was upgraded to stainless steel as well as the back wall of the stove. Also, the deep fryer was replaced with a brand new two basket unit.
    New this year we now have a Summer Pistol League meeting the last Tuesday of each month starting at 5:30PM. Full details of guidelines are available on the club website. Rob will be running the program - he also built two new benches for the 50yd range building.
    3D archery is open and going strong - schedule is on club website as well as hard copies at the club.
    Peter and crew are hard at work cleaning grooming the grounds for all our summer activities.
Special Note - our August raffle needs to be made a priority for us as it's the only fundraiser for our club! Have you purchased yours yet. Time is getting short have you turned in your sold tickets yet? There are still several other projects on the books that we would like to do. Speaking of projects = K9 2024 Ride 15 is coming up fast, we have two raffles to support K9 this year Henry Golden Boy lever and a Harley Davidson full dresser. Only $10.00 a ticket.
    Our next general meeting is May 8th 7PM and the Club Dinner listed for May 15th is Smoked RIBS, baked potatoes, vegetables & desert.
As always BE SAFE! See you on the ranges.
Steven riachsh@outlook.com