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FROM PTRC President Paul Catucci
December 23, 2019 Hello All,

 As we finish another year, I always like to say we live in the Best Part of New York State. We must continue to fight the "good fight" and stay on the just side! We have many challenges this year and we have over come them. The club continues to stay strong. We have lost many members due to moving out of state, and many have passed this year but at this time we are at capacity. That can change as dues are overdue in a few days. Late fees will be in effect as of February 1st. I once again I would like to thank everyone that steps up and Volunteers to work at the club. Some folks just don't understand that no one is paid to do the day to day operations at the club. Please appreciate the folks that bartend, work in the kitchen, shovel the walks, open the skeet and trap, paint, pick up and everything else that happens here. We would all be paying more dues if it wasn't for all the great folks that volunteer. I do want to say thanks to the great Board of Directors as well who spend countless hours making YOUR club better.

 I just ordered the 2020 August Raffle tickets. I had a discussion with a local shop owner and he said we should use small business, I agreed and offered the raffle to 3 local shops. One said the were not ready to take that on yet but may be next time, one did not get back to me and the third said they would do it. Let me tell you this, I want ALL gun shops to do well and I try to support them all. Competition makes this country GREAT. It is sad that in NYS that there is seldom Gun Clubs starting up. I think more will close if we do not Vote the right folks in. Buy all the guns you want and support all local shops!!!! The raffle this year will be as in the past $300 on odd days and choice of $450 gift card from Bare Arms in Little Falls or the $300 on even days. The tickets will be out in January. I will announce on Facebook when I have them and Steven will send an email.

 We have goals this year! Stay strong inour Community, support youth shooting sports, keep updating systems in the club. Support Veterans and First Responders. Help out our community whenever we can.

 Important dates in January and February, Club meetings 1/8/2020 and 2/12/2020 @ 7:00PM, remember it is your club it would be nice to see you! Club Suppers 1/15/2020 and 2/19/2020 @ 6:30PM. The supper on 2/19/2020 will be our Life Members Dinner. Life Members are FREE and everyone else's dinner is just $5.00. PTRC famous Prime Rib stew and Mr. Christman's homemade biscuits. All life members will receive a special gift.

 I almost forgot this one, The Annual Chili Contest is on January 22, 2020 at 6:00PM. Last year Gary Stoller and Anne Haggerty tied for 1st place, who will win this year? I think maybe…….me?????????? I know I make the best. Come on try to beat mine this year.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Happy New Year.

Paul contact (518)649-7617 email paul.catucci@gmail.com

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