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FROM PTRC President Paul Catucci
Hello all,

 Welcome September! We've had a pretty busy summer at the Club this year, lot of projects have been done, a lot of projects in the works, all to improve our club. The new trap machine is now in. Which should make a lot of Trap Shooters happy. It was approved at last month's meeting to spend the $8,000 to replace our old Relic that was built in the 50s. The next big project that is being completed is our parking lot, after all these years we have decided to repave parking lot. It has started to show its wear. and really needed to be done. We took several bids, and selected Spraker's Paving based on reputation and price, and he's a club member.

 No matter what your political affiliation is, it is very important that we vote in the primary's and the next election on November 6th. We are not a political Club! But it is in our bylaws, to not only protect the Constitution of the United States of America, to do everything we can to support the Second Amendment. We have recently teamed up with four other gun clubs to purchase a billboard on Route 29 heading to Saratoga reminding people to vote, to protect the Second Amendment. We are very proud to be the Forerunner of this project. The billboard will run from September 10th until November the 10th. It is on Route 29 heading towards Saratoga.

 Well our raffle has come to a close for 2018, as we've done in the past we sold all 1,000 numbers! I thank everyone who either purchased a ticket or sold a ticket. This is the biggest fund raiser that we do strictly for our club. We have reinvested that money in the club, and you can see several improvements around since this raffle has taken place. A big thank you to our vice president Paul Christ man, we spent several hours not only collecting the money but logging in the tickets as well as logging them out. Ever since Mr. Christman took over the raffle has been a 100% success! Every dime is accounted for. Not only do we have a winner every night, we maximize Club profit every year.

 I also wish to thank Mike Smrtic, for having a breakfast at the club last month. Mike donated all the food for the pancakes in the Pines effort. The money we raised will go to our veterans picnic, and our Christmas charity event. As we did last year we will Adopt a Family and provide a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas dinner. Last year we raised enough funds to take care of two families the fallen on Hard Times due to medical bills. We will also once again collect toys for needy local children. We try to stick to our local area, for the donations. Would like to help more people but there's a lot of need right in our local County and we should take care of home first!

 The next big thing that'll be going on soon, and we are only 1 week away is Marc Butler annual veterans picnic. We got together last year as a group and did this at the club for the first time. It went over pretty well, so we were asked to do it again. It's a lot of work but we are happy to serve the veterans that put that uniform on and kept us free. As you know many of our members are veterans and we are very proud to be part of something that gives something back to them. If you would like to help, please let us know the picnic is on September 15th. If you are a veteran and would like to register please contact assemblyman Butler's office.

 It is flu shot season again, if you would like to receive a flu shot Jen Warner RPH will be at the club for the next club night supper September 19th. The flu shots are free, with most insurance plans. You can ask Jen and she would be more than happy to help you out. Jen is a pharmacist with Hannaford supermarkets.

 I have invited all the candidates for Governor of New York to come to the club. I did not hear from our current governor, which I didn't expect to. Marcus Molinaro, did have interest of coming and I gave my email address to his scheduler but I did not hear anything. I did hear from the Larry Sharpe camp. He has agreed to come to our October supper. He will speak for a few minutes after dinner. He will then be available for questions to anyone who would like to stay and ask. I would expect this supper to be extremely busy. We will post on Facebook if we will allow people to come in after supper. Due to the large numbers I think this will bring we will not allow you to come in unless you sign up in advance. The signup sheet will be taken down the Monday before the supper. If you do not sign up you will not be able to attend the supper, no exceptions

I thank all of you! Paul, Contact (518)6497617 or email