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December 2, 2020
Hello Everyone,

 I hope this newsletter finds everyone in the holiday spirit. What a crazy year this has been we could only hope for a better one next year! I feel optimistic I think our club is doing very well, membership is still growing, and we still got a lot of great projects going on right now.

 The big news is our election. I can't tell you much about our general election, but we did manage to elect two new board members. Our new board members are Emory Chase and Rick O'Dell, they will be replacing Alvie Gallt and Michael Kowalski. I can't tell you how much of an impact Alvie and Michael have made to this club. They have been outstanding board members! They will continue to be members of the club because both are life members and I can truly say that they earned it. These men have poured their heart and soul in our club and I personally cannot thank them enough, and you should as well. They have worked countless hours to make our club a better place and thank you seem so minimal. They will be truly missed on the board. I wish you both great health and hope to see you around the club!

 We will keep things pretty much the same but with the obvious changes, Jim Fox will continue to head up the youth program, As well as the safety briefings, Rick O'Dell will be in charge of buildings, Emory Chase will be in charge of the house, and 3D archery shoots , Peter Tautznik will continue to be in charge of education programs and grounds, and Ken Benton will be again in charge of the range.

 We continue to clean the club weekly by the professional cleaners and we have been using sanitizer 3 times per week in effort to keep everyone safe. I will warn you safety is YOUR responsibility. If you do not feel comfortable, remove yourself from the situation. We will not act as social distancing police or mask police.

 We still have not opened the club for suppers, or events. I will keep you posted about January. Dues are due! Steven is at the club every Monday night to collect, from 5PM until 8PM or mail it. P.O. Box 45, Johnstown, NY. You can call Steven with any questions (518) 2243437.

 At out next meeting on December 9, we will present a check to our charity and we will tell you about the families we adopted this year. The membership was very generous this year, and we were able to share. It is great to give back to our community that has been so good to us.

 This week we wrote a check to the Sheriff's Department for the K-9 division. Although we did not have a ride this year with the donations from the shirt sponsors and sale of the K-9 shirts and the "Back the Blue" shirts we were able to donate $7000. This did not come out of general fund. It just cost several Individuals time and effort!

 New York State DEC will hopefully have camp this year, last year everything was cancelled but they are optimistic for this year and we will again sponsor four children for camp. The club education Department pays for this and the only cost the family has is the travel to and from camp. Everything else is paid, this is a $350.00 value. We will also continue our scholarship program for our junior members going to college. Please check for details on the website. www.pinetreerifleclub.org.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Enjoy, Paul contact paul.catucci@gmail.com (518)6497617