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September 22, 2020
Hello Everybody,

 Now that we're into the fall season I hope everyone is still healthy and doing well. There's a lot of things that need to be done around the club and we have been working on projects right along. The club is doing well considering, we have tried to run the club like a business and that's what needs to be done and that has been successful for us. Unfortunately, in this climate with this COVID-19 we have lost income.

 What we have lost over the last six months is bar income from parties, as well as dinners, meetings. We haven't had the social aspect of the club which usually generates income. We decided a few years ago to offer a discount to our 70-year-old plus members, that's a $20 savings for them. I still believe that was the right thing to do, but this year we have also lost additional income because a lot of our members turned 70 years of age. That is a reduction of approximately $5,500.00 this year.

 I did send out a proposal to the board of directors to possibly raise the dues but a few felt that it wasn't giving the membership enough time. It is because we're talking dues being due at the end of December so you would have had a three-month warning. We won't adjust them this year, but I could guarantee that there will be an increase next year for 2022. How much? I don't know currently; it all depends on how we get out of this 2020 mess.

 There are things that we wanted to get done around the club. We talked about new machines for skeet and possibly doing the road with road millings. We have an estimate for this project in the area of about $8500. The new skeet machines are about $17,000. We have not done a capital project in a few years, and we should consider investment in this club. We can't let our equipment get aged and keep putting money in repairs. If we want to remain a Premier club, we must keep investing in our club.

 We are going to keep looking at other avenues of income to get these projects complete, we have some very talented individuals with some great ideas that will hopefully help us move forward.

 The education Department has recently invested in "no contact" thermometers so that we can take everyone's temperature before coming into a class. These will also be used on meeting night for the membership. Nothing will be documented as not to violate the HIPAA laws but if someone has a temperature, we will discreetly ask them Not to come in the building. We will do our part to keep everyone safe.

 We are still looking for people who would like to run for the board of directors, there is one possibly two places available right now, please contact Doug Simek if you would like to run for the board. His contact information is (518)-773-3716 or dougsimek99@gmail.com. Our next meeting will be October 14th at 7:00 PM until then stay healthy!

Thank you for all you do, stay safe, see you soon - Paul, contacts 518-49-7617 or paul.catucci@gmail.com.