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FROM PTRC President Paul Catucci
December 20,2017
Hello PTRC Members,

 Work is still going on the downstairs range. As I said this project is going to cost about $50,000 to $60,000, but we will be able to shoot faster, jacketed bullets. This will make a big difference. I would like to say donations have come in fast and strong but I don't lie. They have stopped. I know folks will enjoy the new range but don't want to help pay for it. If you already made a donation, thank you! If you haven't HELP! We have saved money with Mike and Ray's efforts but have a long way to go. I would love to see this done by next summer. We will have a list appreciating the donors. As we said there is 3 levels, $300, $200 and $100.

 It is time to get your NYSP Recertification papers in. We have the forms available at the club. If you would like us to send them in, have them back to the club by January 8th. I will send them in receipt requested by January 15th, 2017. Don't do this online, that only saves NYS time, fill out the hard copy. This is only a "stones busting" thing anyway. The SP has all this information already.

 Our toy effort was a little down this year if we didn't have the money donated from the Active Shooter seminar we wouldn't have made it. We thank the Sheriff's Department for that. We ended up collecting 200 toys and about $1300.

 Dues are due, many of you have already paid, but we are still waiting. As of 2007 all new members of PTRC must be an NRA member. Dues are $65 for single & $110 for married couples plus NRA, Junior memberships = $1.00 per year, NRA membership not required for Juniors. Members who joined prior to Sept 1, 2007 may skip NRA therefore PTRC dues are $80 single & $140 for married couples if NOT NRA member. You can renew your NRA membership through the club, $10 for an associate membership or $30 full with a magazine. Must provide proof of NRA membership when submitting your dues. If paying by mail, please send a copy of your NRA card. Dues will be collected on Monday evenings in December and January from 5 until 8 pm & at all Membership Meetings and Club suppers. Dues paid after January 31st will be subject to a $20 late fee. As of March 1st, your membership is considered dropped. To reinstate membership there is a $40 reinstatement fee plus a year's dues per PTRC by-laws.

 The club had another great year, we have 1350 members currently. We have 1250 regular members, and 100, active Military and Life and Junior. Just 5 years ago we had 600 members! PTRC will continue to be a positive influence in our community with special programs, education and community involvement. Volunteer and be part of something great! We need you.

 January Meeting is the 10th @ 7:00PM, January Supper is the 17th @ 6:30PM, Our annual Chili contest is January 24th. Enter to see who makes the best Chili! Starts 6:30PM.

 Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Stay Happy and Healthy, Enjoy Your Families.

Paul, my contacts for questions/concerns are Email or phone (518)649-7617