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FROM PTRC President Paul Catucci
June 26, 2018
Hello all,

 It's been a real busy week at Pine Tree Rifle Club. First off we had our annual motorcycle ride for the K-9 unit of the Fulton County Sheriff's Department. We didn't have a record number of bikes, but we raised a record $10,000 for the cause. This is all part of our community involvement.
The next thing was our Father's Day breakfast. We had served 80 people a delicious breakfast. We also had the range opened up for children and adults to shoot. Some of the children were honored with a Junior Sharp-Shooter badge from Pine Tree Rifle Club. We had plenty of volunteers on Saturday and a few volunteers on Sunday, so everything worked out fine we can always use people to help. If you want to be part of it contact one of the officers.

  I do have some bad news for skeet/trap shooters as you know the birds are a petroleum base, and I know that you've gone to the gas station lately and paid some crazy prices. Well our cost has gone up extremely since last year and for several years but we held the price down. Birds are now close to $10 per case, we now need to raise the price. This is our first increase in 13 years, our new prices will be, $30 for a shoot card, or cash rounds are $3.50 each starting on July 1st.

  If you haven't gotten your Lobster ticket yet for July the 18th I would hurry, the price again will be $15 per dinner, that's a whole lobster per person plus sides and dessert. We are holding this to just 200 tickets and the tickets have been selling excellent. Get them now before we sell out.
The membership has voted in, redoing the parking lot this year. This will be done in September. It's all part of keeping up our property and making sure our club is there for us and our children in the future. Everything we have done we have tried to do it the right way so we won't have to redo stuff over and over again. One of the projects that we want to do before we pave is take down the pole that's in the middle of the parking lot near the Pavilion. We are looking into this currently with National Grid.

  The range project downstairs is still going on as well as the storage shed that we are building next to the pistol range, we also would like to get new stairs going into the club house before the winter season hits us. I know, I said a bad word but you know that the weather changes. There's nothing anyone of us can do to stop that.

 We've had some incidents down at the range or Target frames were blown apart by shotguns, we do have the new camera system but we don't have it installed yet as I said on Facebook we will deal with the people doing it but we've got to find out the entire story first before we come off half-cocked and don't have the whole story. Maybe it's a member that did not quite understand the rules during orientation, if that's the case we are going to ask them to fix the target frames they destroyed at their own expense, and never let it happen again. If it was done maliciously then they are expelled from the club.

  In July we will be selling tickets for the annual chicken barbecue that will be on August 14th.
Those tickets for the chicken barbecue will be presale only and again the cost will be just $8.

Last thing, please turn in your August Raffle tickets ASAP. If you sold them turn in the stubs and money. If you have not sold them, turn them in we have folks ask for them and we don't have anymore! Please we want to sell out again!!!!!

I thank all of you! Paul, Contact (518)6497617 or email