SuperDriver 2.1
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The SCSI and IDE Solution for NitrOS-9

SuperDriver is the most advanced SCSI and IDE support package for the CoCo, bar none! It is loaded with features that put NitrOS-9 to work with hard drives, CD-ROMs, ZIP drives and CompactFlash cards.

In addition to supporting Cloud-9's TC^3 SCSI Controller, SuperDriver provides full ATA and ATAPI support for both the SuperIDE Interface as well as Glenside's IDE Interface. Fully auto-detecting drivers make the setup and formatting your devices extremely simple! Plus, the bootable diskette eliminates the need for a custom boot just to set up your drives.

As a convenience to the Color Computer community, Cloud-9 is offering NitrOS-9 on two 5.25" floppy diskettes for small copying and materials fee.

For more information, visit The NitrOS-9 Project Web Site.

Standard Features

  • SCSI, ATA and ATAPI devices supported
  • Supports up to 2048 byte sector devices
  • 24-bit sector addresing with support for up to 4GB drives.
  • Utilizes caching for improved performance.
  • Supports partitioning for larger drives.
  • Access HDB-DOS virtual drives from within NitrOS-9.
SuperDriver Specifications
Feature Description
SCSI Drives Supported Virtually any SCSI-1 compliant hard drive should work. Several SCSI CD-ROMs have also been tested successfuly.
IDE Drives Supported CompactFlash, ATA hard drives and ATAPI devices such as ZIP drives, LS-120 drives, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs
Supported Controllers TC^3 SCSI Controller, SuperIDE Interface, Glenside IDE Interface
Supported Computers All Color Computers

SuperDriver 2.1 with diskette and documentation  !OPEN SOURCE!

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