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It makes our day to get feedback from our customers! Here are some unsolicited comments that have been sent to us or posted publicly. These types of comments really make this hobby worth while. Without you, the customer, none of this would be possible. Thanks to all of you for supporting this wonderful computer and for supporting our work.

As always, we welcome comments about your experience with us. Feel free to send us an email at comments@cloud9tech.com and we'll add them to this page.

From: "David Gettle" <david_g21120@yahoo.com>


WOW!!! I'm impressed! I've never had any OS-9 (NitrOS9) product this easy to get up and running. As I am typing this My CoCo3 is formatting a zip disk. The J/M floppy controller I have will allow me to switch between RSDOS and HDBDOS at the flip of a switch (with the power off).

I am truly amazed at the speed at which the TC^3 accesses the zip drive, it is much faster than what I remember the speed of the OWL controler I had was.

It was worth the wait, and worth every penny.

From: "Mike Woolridge" <mikedubya@comcast.net>


Due to "operator error", (my bad), at first drivewire wouldn't work. After I set my comms port correctly on the file server, os9 booted up just fine.

I think that this product is GREAT! I can't believe I'm still "playing" with a computer I bought in 1987 and loving it!

I've loaded my Basic09, C compiler...among many other things. I don't have to jostle floppies anymore!

Thanks guys for a great product...that keeps an old COCO humming along.

From: "Marty Goodman" <martygoodman@worldnet.att.net>

Hi there!

I'm Marty Goodman, formerly of "CoCo Consultations" in Rainbow Magazine.

I just today discovered your cloud 9 web site, after a long pretty near total absence from the world of the CoCo (outside of very occasional apearances on the CoCo OS9 web site to answer questions about hardware that Art Flexser had forwarded to me).

I was delighted and impressed to see the extent to which the CoCo still LIVES! You folks have an outstsanding web site... and are doing some great work.

From: alsplace@pobox.com (Allen "OS9Al" Huffman)

This is an EXCELLENT web site. I am very impressed. I don't know if it renders on smaller systems like WebTV or anything, but's very pretty!

Good job!

From: bebox@bcgcanada.com
Subject: Question from a new old COCO user

I was a colour computer user through the eighties who made the mistake of selling all of my colour computer hardware in 1989 (damn university bills). Anyhow thanks to e-bay, garage sales and scrap heaps I have re-acquired a number of CoCo 2's, CoCo 3's along with floppy drives and even a Commodore monitor for RGB output. Yesterday I received from Cloud9 my SCSI interface and hard drive as well as a memory upgrade. What a great piece of hardware and software (NitrOS-9). Every CoCo owner should have this set up. Anyhow I feel set for life now with My CoCo with one exception. The Commodore 1084 I own has this very audible high pitched hum that is going to drive me nuts. I have tried to purchase a used CM8 but these things cost somewhere around the price of an ounce of gold. What I do have an abundance of is 14" VGA monitors. So I got to thinking, If Mark and others can create these fantastic SCSI interfaces and memory upgrades, what about some kind of upgrade to allow a CoCo to operate with a VGA monitor? Being such a neophyte with this stuff I have no idea if this is even remotely possible. I was just curious to hear from you experienced CoCo users and hardware hackers. To me this is the weak link now. Eventually I assume it will be nearly impossible to get an RGB capable monitor and then what? I am interested in your feedback.


Follow up message.....

No problem Mark. I am a truly happy customer. For a very technical product the installation was extremely smooth. The boys in Redmond could learn a thing or two from my experience with your products and Nitros-9. Feel free to use any comments you like.


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From: "Roy R. Justus" <RJRTTY@aol.com>
Subject: thanks cloud9
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I have stopped lurking long enough to say I have managed to install the cloud 9 scsi controller and hard drive on my coco. It worked flawlessly first time. I know its been said before but get yours while they're available.

Mark will not be there forever. Thanks Mark!

Roy R. Justus

From: "Dave Poitras" <dpoitras@mediaone.net>
To: "Mark Marlette" <mmarlett@isd.net>
Subject: Cloud 9 Products
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 23:14:37 -0400
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Hi Mark,

I just wanted to throw in my two cents worth. I bought my first Cloud 9 product in 1998 at Ron's PennFest. It was the 512K board. I remember being impressed with the quality! During the 1999 PennFest I bought your Protector, AT keyboard adapter and the SCSI interface. You had mentioned that you would have installed the socket for the CPU but had left you tools home. I went to the local Radio Shack and bought a cheap soldering gun & desolderer. Saturday evening you worked on my CoCo 3 mother board installing the socket.

I have no idea how late you stayed up. When you handed me the board Sunday morning I kept showing of your skills to everyone. The only way I could tell you had worked on it was your connections were better than Tandy! To date the quality of all your products have remained at that high level. A BIG THANKS to you for your help & support needed.


Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 07:41:46 -0600
From: Tony Schountz <tschount@mesastate.edu>
Organization: Mesa State College
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To: Mark Marlette <mmarlett@isd.net>
Subject: Re: IDE Hard Drive controllers
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I can attest to Mark's assertions regarding his SCSI controller. I've been using it for nearly a year now with no complaints. I even plug my zip drive into the system on occasion. It's fulfilled my every expectation and has made working on the CC3 a joy. Now if I can only get my UMax scanner plugged in :-)


From: Louis Schulman <louiss@gate.net>
Subject: Re: Cloud-9 Web Update
Comments: To: "Mark L. Marlette" <mmarlett@ISD.NET>
X-DPOP: DPOP Version 2.2p

For those of you considering the Pro-Tector and 6309, go for it! Not wanting to touch my CoCo with a soldering iron, I sent it to Mark. He installed the Pro-Tector and 6309, and had the CoCo on its way back to me the NEXT business day! How's THAT for service? And, the service was FREE! I have it back already, and it seems like it just was sent!

Mark is a great asset to the CoCo community. Considering the bad experiences in the CoCo world of late, Mark really deserves our support. Buy something and send him some money! I also have his 512K upgrade which also works great!

This was a completely unsolicited endorsement. Mark, thanks a lot.

Louis Schulman

From: Ron Klein <rfklein@HEWITT.COM>
Subject: Re: Cloud-9 Web Update
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Hello all,

I mainly "lurk" on this mailing list, but I can attest to the great products Mark makes. I have ordered numerous items from him and they all work perfectly.

He has always been extremely helpful (and patient) with all the questions I've asked him. It's simply a pleasure to do business with him.

Not to take anything away from Mark, but Boisy Pitre is another individual I'd recommend to do business with as well.

Thanks again, Mark and Boisy!

From: Tony Mori <tonym@compusource.net>
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2000 8:26 AM
Subject: Re: Did you buy Learning the 6809 from S Disney?

Hey, I'll help out. In the CoCo spirit, Mark M is helping me get my TC3 controller up with 6309 and NitrOS9 (BTW, anyone seen his SCSI controller? NICE piece of work. THOROUGHLY satisfied with it.), and I distinctly remember Art Flexser GIVING me an Ados-3 chip about 8-9 years ago. Send me one of those CD's, and I'll make ya a few dozen copies.

Tony M

From: "Ken Carlin" <carlin@nauticom.net>
To: "Mark Marlette" <mmarlett@isd.net>
Subject: Re: SCSI Drive
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 12:41:28 -0400
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In my humble opinion, your products are worth every penny you charge. Heck, I think you're probably undercharging. And I really mean that.

You are correct - not a lot is left of the CoCo world, and I can honestly say that I would not have jumped back in if not for you. When I saw the SCSI interface, I just knew I had to have one - and this gave me the excuse to rescue my CoCo setup from storage. Thanks for giving me back a piece of my past. I never knew how much I missed the Color Computer until I started using it again.

And at the risk of repeating myself yet again, thanks for being there to answer my questions. You are unique - I've never had the chance to discuss things with the designer of a piece of computer hardware I use.

And before I forget, thanks for the Nitros files. I'm about to go over them now.

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