Repair Services

Cloud-9 can diagnose and repair Color Computers and peripherals. This is an important service as hardware is getting harder to replace and Radio Shack hasn't serviced Color Computers for a long time. If you have a piece of equipment that you would like repaired, please contact us at with a description of the hardware and its problem.


If you aren't inclined to install your memory card or some other internal hardware, Cloud-9 can arrange to do this for you. We have extensive experience in the installation and testing of various Color Computer upgrades. Contact us if you need this service.

Restoration & Cleaning

Have a Color Computer that is in need of a complete restoration and cleaning? We perform full cleaning of the motherboard, case, and keyboard using appropriate solvents and best-of-breed restoration methods. No matter what shape your CoCo is in, we can bring it back to pristine condition.

Custom Hardware/Software Design

From CoCo hardware and software to embedded design, Cloud-9 has the expertise to deliver quality custom solutions. We utilize to the latest in board design and layout tools to accelerate development time and provide a custom product that satisifes customers. Our software and hardware engineers work closely to deliver tightly coupled products that bring benefit to end-users. Call or email us for a quote.

General Service Cost Information
Service Type
EPROM Burning $15 + s/h
Restoration & Cleaning Service Evaluation Required
Color Computer and Peripheral Repair $75 + s/h

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