SuperDriver FAQ

Q. What is SuperDriver?

A. SuperDriver is a software package that contains drivers and descriptors for using SCSI and IDE drives under NitrOS-9 for the Color Computer. It is the most complete SCSI and IDE support package for the Color Computer ever to exist, supporting all versions of NitrOS-9 and working with a variety of drives.

Q. Which hard disk controllers are supported?

A. Cloud-9's TC^3 SCSI Controller is supported, as well as the SuperIDE Interface and Glenside's IDE Interface.

Q. Does SuperDriver really support CD-ROM drives?

A. Yes! (Even DVD-ROM drives have been used.) SuperDriver adapts to CD-ROM drives, which use 2,048 byte sectors. SuperDriver allows access to an RBF disk image that was burned on a CD-ROM. If you want ISO 9660 support (i.e. read regular CD-ROMs), you need to purchase CDF from HawkSoft.

Q. How well does SuperDriver integrate with HDB-DOS?

A. Very well! Using provided device descriptors, you can access any of HDB-DOS' 256 virtual drives right from NitrOS-9, with any of the standard NitrOS-9 tools and disk utilities. No additional software is needed.

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