AP Physics Labs
Jim Keefer1


                Instantaneous Velocity
                Projectile Motion
                Newton's 2nd Law, friction
The Atwood Machine
                Circular Motion
                The Pendulum
                Work-Energy Theorem
                Bowling Ball throw and its Excel Spreadsheet
                Cons. of Momentum
                BB Gun Demonstration
Ballistic Pendulum
                Center of Mass
                Energy in a spring  
Harmonic Oscillators
                Archimedes Principle
Speed of sound
                Absolute Zero
                Coulomb's Law
                Equipotential lines
                EMF & Internal Resistance  
Magnetic Field of Earth
                Faraday and Lenz's Law
                Spherical Mirrors
                Diffraction & Interference
                Planck’s Constant

                Balmer Series
                Radioactive Decay            

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