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To this first faltering attempt at a web site by a (what must be laughably obvious) novice. 

Picturing the bewilderment of the butterfly emerging from its cocoon is easy for me lately, as I, excruciatingly, glacially, with palpable pain and somatic manifestations, ever so gradually learn how to live a life without caregiving. After over 20 years of increasingly demanding attention to another, to emerge, blinking, blinded, into the light of day is a stunning experience. And frightening.
But experience we must. 

And grow we must. 


Throwing this web site together is a new experience for me, as have been swim lessons and skiing, both after a decades-long hiatus, starting yoga, beginning piano lessons at retirement age for many real musicians, resurrecting long dormant “skills” such as tennis, biking, hiking, canoeing, becoming slightly less inactive in Mensa and politics. Flying (other than as cargo) is still to re-emerge. But activities like those and others -- such as intense workouts -- are helping keep me in the moment, and perhaps sane. These and other experiences feel seminal to me, and they are humbling. 

Photos are nearly all of or around this place. Links without thumbnails are to written work; much of "Thoughts" is attempts at poetry; the “Others’ Thoughts” page quotes writings I have found useful and interesting during a time of change. 

My hope is that these pages might be of passing interest to friends and family, and conceivably even to new people. 

And thank you for your interest. 

William H. Kuhns

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