Graf (he’s on the left) and me.


Some of the neighbors… 

their souls, and those of many others, have penetrated, modified and, I think, served to help purify mine.  Like all living creatures, we (I, they, you) are one. Some easily photographed neighbors are here.  It takes more ambition, patience and skill to shoot others – owls, hawks, turkey vultures, eagles, wolves, coyotes; but we know they are here; they certainly know we are; and their consciousness does seem to penetrate a bit; a good thing.


A rather unkempt looking Ace. A TWH stud.


Small Guest.


Wild turkeys, just passing through. Clever birds; this is about as close as one can get.


Over wintering cardinal  in an early winter snowstorm (exhibiting poor judgment, one might surmise)…


Whitetail doe, suddenly feeling exposed.


Local knitting and social circle; they prefer synthetic yarns.