Gloriously past their prime lillies.


It’s presumptuous to think of the following as “gardens”.  They are, admittedly, places where things are planted – as in stuck in the ground.  They can be refreshing to look at.  But the places where the plants try to survive are really more like halfway houses for flora, where the inmates learn they must strive, live and die pretty much on their own.  The caretaker (term used casually) of the land they try to exist on knows zilch about gardening, and exerts little effort.

 Beds are all “raised”, above hard clay in most places, harder gravel in others… and made up of years-old compost – presumably an advantage to some of the plants. 


Iris at many stages of life.


Spring… and a broken heart


Perennials near barn.


Oriental lilies in front yard planter.


Shrub roses show nature will out. Pretty much.


Driveway planter.


Yeah, I know… but so far it works.


Plantings along a south side, sloping west.