Crawling and creeping, and feeling the way,
limited senses, just inching along.
Sun flows to darkness, forever the same.
Eating, and feeling, from small leaf to big.

Growing, skin tighter, then stand up and molt,
crawling and eating; more eating, then more;
day after day after day after day…
Eating: no! Crawling: no!More must be done.

Spinning a lifeline attached to a twig,
working to make a secure place to hang.
Splitting off old skin and making a shell;
harden the shell, for its safety and strength.

Stark isolation for weeks, could be months,
darkness and quiet and nothing at all.
Changes occurring, unnoted, unseen.
Days growing warmer, shell clearer, then rent.

Now! Head emerges, with eyes that can see!
Drying and stretching and working new… wings!
Beat wings together to learn what they are,
dry them and beat them and build up more strength.

Try them?No… flap them to dry them some more.
Cling to the twig, new wings flapping to dry.
See the new world!Not just leaves and some twigs.
Sense now the breeze pledges nectar and more.

Feel the light breeze and let loose tight hold now.
Flapping and dropping!No!This side goes up!
Soaring, and seeing, and scenting the air,
sipping sweet nectar and questing a mate.