His Savior - Chrysalis Redux

A cocoon in her garden
she spied on a walk
observing it daily,
it seemed a dry stalk.

And then - what's this? - a rent
in its clearing skin.
The rent grows too slowly
for freedom to win?

She'd help it to come out
if only she knew
that helping the pupa's
the right thing to do.

And then - she'll just do it!
she'll open the hole
and help that weak pupa
to find its new role.

With great care and slowly,
she chips more away.
"Some air for you, pupa,
I'll show you the way".

The pupa emerges
to bright light! And air!
His God, She's his Savior!
She helped him to dare!

But in the bright new world,
the pupa is weak.
Still not an imago,
wings weak and mind bleak.

His life is foreshortened,
by Her act of love.
He lingers and suffers,
will ne'er fly above.

His spirit departing ,
he calls out her name:
Oh, God! Please, my Savior,
come save me again!