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Just for Fun

The cast for "Now and Then" was great and I wouldn't change a thing but what if you were the director and had to select 4 new girls for the parts. What movie stars would you choose? Just for fun here are my selections.

Natalie Portman as Roberta

Kirsten Dunst as Teeny

Rachael Leigh Cook as Samantha

Kimberly J. Brown as Chrissy

Natalie Portman - If Natalie can handle the attack droids in Star Wars she can handle the Wormer brothers.

Kirsten Dunst - An easy pick here. I can easily see her growing up to be Tina Tercel the movie star.

Rachael Leigh Cook - I think Rachael would make a good Samantha. Remember her role in the Baby-Sitters Club as the smart one.

Kimberly J. Brown - Another easy pick. Kimberly definately has the looks for Chrissy.