NitrOS-9 ROM Kit
Embedded NitrOS-9 for the CoCo!
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Another breakthrough product from Cloud-9! The NitrOS-9 ROM Kit provides the software to let you replace the internal ROM of the Color Computer with a NitrOS-9 boot ROM. Boot into NitrOS-9 with no floppy or hard drive! This kind of flexibility gives you the potential to design and embed programs for dedicated applications using the NitrOS-9 operating system.

Revive Those Spare CoCos!

If you want to put those "Closet CoCos" to work doing interesting projects, but don't want the fuss of having to connect a floppy drive controller or Multi-Pak, then this kit is for you! Automated creation of ROMs using shell scripts makes it easy to configure a ROM that will make your CoCos useful again, and without the expense of additional hardware!

Be aware that in order to use this product, you will need an EPROM burner (or use Cloud-9's EPROM burning service). It may also be necessary to perform a hardware modification to the motherboard of your Color Computer. Instructions are provided. Also, this product supports NitrOS-9 ONLY (see

NitrOS-9 ROM Kit Specifications
Feature Description
NitrOS-9 Versions Supported NitrOS-9 Level 1 and NitrOS-9 Level 2
Supported Computers All Color Computers

NitrOS-9 ROM Kit for all Color Computers $16 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!

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