California Stickseed - Hackelia californica
near Westwood

Table of Contents

The Mountain Meadows Basin - Photo Page

Wildlife of the Mountain Meadows Basin:

MMB Wildlife Stories - links to short stories, that have been written by myself and other writers, featuring the animals and plants of the Mountain Madows Basin.

Bird & Bug Walk - 2013

The Draining of Walker Lake - A short series of photos, some with comments, that illustrate the September 2015 draining of Walker lake.

Maps of the Mountain Meadows Basin: -

  • CalFlora's "What Grows Here" Map - Click on the "SEARCH" button to create a list of plants, with photos, that can be found within the Mountain Meadows Basin; a great way to possibly identify those interesting plants you come across within the MMB.

  • Topographical Map - of the Mountain Meadows Basin.

Featured Links:

  • Mountain Valley Living - A great Northeastern California locally distributed free magazine that focuses on subjects such as Travel & Adventure, Business & Community, Arts & Entertainment, Dinning, and Home & Garden, and wonderful articles on variety of topics. My personal favorites are the Road Trip and Critter articles featured under the Travel & Adventure tab.

  • Jim's Profile Page at BugGuide - Includes links to photos and data of many species of bugs found in the Mountain Meadows Basin.

Jim's Viewpoint Page



    Greetings From the mountains of Northeastern California - land of forests and mountain meadows - volcanos and lakes - and fauna and flora extraordinaire.

    For many years now I have lived in these mountains and enjoyed the wonders of God's creation. I am continually amazed at the bio-diversity and abundance of habitats in this region.

    In this website I hope to provide useful content that illustrate this region, especially the Mountain Meadows and Lake Almanor Basins . Information on this website can be viewed via the table of contents - of which I hope will grow as time goes by. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

    Sincerely, Jim

Mountain Meadows Reservoir - aka Walker Lake