Cinder Cone - a small volcano in Lassen Volcanic National Park
(Viewpoint from the east shore of Butte Lake - August 2009)

Table of Contents

The Cinder Cone Photo - A short story on how I came upon this unique viewpoint.

The Striver and the Nonstriver - A parable that contrasts the eternal fate of two persons - from a Christian worldview.

The Story of the Cross - A "blending" from the four New Testament Gospels - a historical account concerning the last days of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. An easy to read story, for both believers and unbelievers.

Who Really is Jesus? - Names, Titles, Attributes - In the Bible there are many names, titles, and attributes,that are applied to Jesus. When all are understood collectively in the true context of their meaning; we then begin to realize how truly unique Jesus is above and beyond any other human person who has ever lived. For a Bible based believer this is who Jesus really is. For an unbeliever this Bibilical view of Jesus might be one of complete astonishment. However, it will at least inform you what your Christian neighbors believe, or should believe, about Jesus,



    Within these pages I hope to provide various articles that express my views on a variety of things, such as nature, philosophy, local issues, faith, politics, bugs, cosmology, morals, and whatever else may perk my interests.

    I may use short stories, poems, or just plain commentary as a means of expressing such things.

    These views, of course, being my own, may not be shared by everyone.  I have (or will) provide a very brief summary, within the Table of Contents, of what each article is truly about, so that the viewer may decide beforehand if it is really something they care to read.

    Of course there is not much to read as of yet.

    Best Regards, Jim

Mountain Meadows Reservoir

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