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Wildlife Stories
of the Mountain Meadows Basin

In Lassen County, California


                        Spring Robin


Greetings From the mountains of Northeastern California - land of forests and mountain meadows - volcanos and lakes - and fauna and flora extraordinaire.
For many years now I have lived in these mountains and enjoyed the wonders of God's creation. I am continually amazed by the truly vast diversity of plant and animal life that live within, or travel through, our beautiful mounntain valley region.
On this web-page I have provided links to wildlife 'stories' that have been written by myself, and other writers, covering wild plants and animals that live within the Mountain Meadows Basin (MMB) in Lassen county, and the ajacent Lake Almanor Basin in Plumas county. Many of these linked stories are located at the online website of Mountain Valley Living Magazine.
For more detailed 'Fact Sheets' on MMB wildlife species, please see the following species lists:
Sincerely, Jim

Invertebrate (Bug) Wild Animal Stories

Vertebrate Wild Animal Stories

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Wild Plant Stories


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