Hockey Bobbing Head Doll Reference & Credit List

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Player in action Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, corrections, questions, or just the opportunity for sharing information. Also, If you have any 60's sports bobbing heads for sale, Click here to Contact Me

Most of the dolls and information captured here; came by searching the web, attending antique and collectible shows, and by getting in touch with other collectors. Most bobbing head collectors and dealers are very friendly and helpful. Just "asking a question" is the best way to learn.

1.)Tim Hunter. "Bobbing Head Dolls 1960-2000", Krause Publications, Iola, WI. (pg. 5-8, 95-108) Also, "Factory Imperfections Common in Older Bobbers", White's Guide to Collecting Figures Magazine June 1999 (pg. 100). Price information on dolls & boxes and info on plastic "Gold Base" prototype dolls.

2)Larry Fox. "Oh, You Beautiful Doll". Hockey Illustrated March 1965. (pg. 20-23).

3)Lou Criscione. Lou helped with information on "DECAL & Body FLAWS" and grading of dolls. He also had information on the New York Islanders bank. Lou can be contacted at "" . Lou also has a great web site where he auctions bobbing head dolls and other great sports collectibles. Check it out at=Inside The Park Collectibles

4)John Brey. Check out his very informative web site on composition baseball and football bobbing heads: Nodder Exchange He buys and sells bobbing head dolls.

5) Composite Photo- Background picture taken from Charles Wilkins, Dan Diamond. "Hockey, The Illustrated History". Doubleday Canada Limited, Toronto, Canada. 1985. pg. 148-149.

6) Stephen Ward. Employee of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada. Photo of Chicago Blackhawks Blinker that is on display in the Hockey Hall Of Fame.

7) Carl and Maryanne Laron for the picture of the Tre Kronor and FBK dolls.

8)DR. Carl Giden, President National Section of the Swedish Icehockey Historical and Statistical Society, for information on the AIK, FBK & Tre Kronor Swedish hockey teams.

9)Some pictures came from!

10) The Blue colored animated hockey player above: Best Animations

11) "Hockey Pictorial Magazine" for various ads selling hockey bobbing head dolls

Finally, I would like to express my love and thanks to my wife , Barbara, who made this web site a reality. Needing a project for her "Introduction to Web Design" class, she decided to take on the Bobbing Heads. It quickly turned into a joint project and she taught me a little software writing along the way. She did a wonderful job and put up with all my changes.

P.S. The Bobbing Heads are not for sale.