Blue Base (1972-74)

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Varieties of Blue Base Dolls
The Blue Base series was created between 1972-1974. They stand 6 inches tall and have a 2 1/4-inch square base. They have no team name on their base but they do sport a decal on their chest. The eyebrows are painted but are not raised as in the HIGH SKATE series. There is also a black puck painted on the base; just in front of their hockey stick. This series had a blue oval shaped sticker on the bottom of the base that read "Made in Japan". They have very large hockey gloves in comparison with the other molds. The Blue Base dolls used a straight spring that had 8 - 10 coils. This series had different distributors who were located in the same city as the teams. The boxes for some of the dolls list= CPSE LTD. (Cleveland Crusaders), T.J.B. ENTERPRISES (Boston Bruins) & NANCO (NANCY SALES CO. INC. ) (New England Whalers). See picture below for a NANCO sticker that was put on the bottom of the New England Whalers doll bases. The box for the Blue Base series dolls had a colored sticker that showed a hockey "Mascot" & team name. The side of the box had a white sticker similar to the one used on the MINI boxes. It listed team name, 1 PC and "Made in Japan". (see 2 examples of boxes below)

There were 4 Teams included in this mold design:

    Boston Bruins -------------- National Hockey League since 1924
    Boston Braves ------------- American Hockey League (1971-74)
    Cleveland Crusaders ----- World Hockey Association (1972-76)
    New England Whalers --- World Hockey Association (1972-79)
Blue Base Doll face
blue base bottom

(typical blue base bottom)

nanco sticker

(NANCO - Nancy Sales Co. Inc. sticker which can be seen on the bottom of the New England Whalers dolls)

blue basepuck

BLUE BASE dolls have a "painted" puck

crusader box

(print on box = "Imported From Japan by CPSE LTD, Cleveland")

boston bruins box

1974 whaler program

This is page from a 1974-75 hockey program for the New England Whalers. Page shows various kinds of souvineers that could be bought. Most important is the listing for BOBBING HEAD DOLL for $2.00

1974 whaler program