Intermediate High Skates (1963)

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Varieties of Intermediate High Skate Dolls

The Intermediate High Skate series was created in 1963. They stand approximately 5 5/8" plus/minus 1/4" in height and have a 2 1/4" square base. They have a decal on their chest and base. They have "raised" painted eyebrows and large ears. The skate blades are higher than the 1962 Regular size dolls. This series had "Japan" stamped on the bottom of the base. The Chicago Blackhawks doll has a light blue colored base, which is different from the 1962 Regular Size doll. The Intermediate dolls used a unique spring that had 4 large coils (at the head) with a 1" long stem that attaches to the neck post with 2 small coils. This unique design allows the plus/minus 1/4" variation in the head height.

The NHL dolls in this series were said to have been sold and distributed only in Canada. Dewitt "Tex" Coulter was the distributor of the dolls. He played football for the N.Y. Giants of the N.F.L. (1946-52) and for the Montreal Allouette's of the C.F.L. (1953-56). The box for the Intermediate High skate series had a colored sticker that showed a "Bobble-head MASCOT!", TEX COULTER ENTERPRISES INC. and an address in Montreal, Que. The team name was stamped on the end. My box has LEAFS with (TORONTO) underneath it. Notice the unusual neck protector for the doll. It was different from the REGULAR and MINI SERIES that were packaged with square cardboard pieces around the neck. (see pictures below)

There were 13 teams included this mold design: (6 NHL / 7 Swedish Teams)

Boston Bruins -------------- NHL since 1924
Chicago Blackhawks ----- NHL since 1926
Detroit Redwings ---------- NHL since 1932
Montreal Canadiens ------ NHL since 1917
New York Rangers -------- NHL since 1926
Toronto Maple Leafs ------ NHL since 1926

AIK (Allmanna Idrottsklubben) "RATS" -------- Swedish Premier League
----------------------------------------------------since 1924 (club founded - 1891)
BRYNAS IF "TIGERS" ---------------------------------Swedish Premier League
----------------------------------------------------since late 50's (club founded - 1912)

DIF (Djurgardens IF) "IRON STOVES" --------- Swedish Premier League
--------------------------------------------------- since 1922 (club founded - 1891)
FBK (Farjestads BK) "WOLVES" ---------------- Swedish Premier League
----------------------------------------------------since 1974-75 (club founded - 1932)

TIMRA "Red Eagles" -------------------------------- Swedish Premier league
----------------------------------------------------since 1948(club founded - 1938)
TRE KRONOR ------------------------------------------- Swedish National Team
---------------------- (founded Feb 12, 1938) (Tre Kronor = Three Crowns.)
VIK (Vasteras IK) "Black Eagles" ---------------- Swedish Premier league
----------------------------------------------------since 1939 (club founded - 1913)

Ice Hockey in Sweden started between 1920-1923 in the Stockholm area. The Premier hockey league was renamed to the SWEDISH-ELIT LEAGUE in 1975-76. There are 4 Premier levels of hockey in Sweden today = the ELITSERIEN (Elite league), the SUPER-ALLSVENSKAN, the ALLSVENSKAN (which has 2 levels) & the DIVISION 1 (North & South) league. The Anton Cup was awarded to the winners of the Swedish championships each year between 1921-1952.  From my correspondence with a person in Sweden, The Swedish hockey dolls may have come out around 1966-1972.


swedish dolls

aik2 swedish Doll

AIK Rats Doll (Swedish hockey) = "AIK" on base is a decal. The chest decal has AIK on a banner and the date "1891". AIK plays in the Swedish Elit-league in the town of Solna (a suburb of Stockholm). AIK was founded in 1891 but the AIK hockey team originated in 1921.

Odd Doll

"Tre Kronor" and "FBK" Dolls (Swedish hockey) = Base & chest logos are decals. Tre Kronor, the nickname for the Swedish National team, originated 1938. FBK - (Farjestads BK Wolves) is from Karlstad, Sweden that plays in the Swedish Elit-league. Picture courtesy of Carl and Maryanne Laron


aik & fbk logos

brynas swedish Doll

BRYNAS IF "Tigers" Doll (Swedish hockey) = "BRYNAS" on base is a decal. The chest decal has "B I F" on a 3-leaf clover and the date "1912". BRYNAS plays in the Swedish Elit-league in the town of Galve. The Brynas IF club was founded in 1912. They have played for over 40 years in the top Swedish divisions. They started play in the Swedish Elite-League in 1975-76.

brynas symbol


VIK swedish Doll

VIK (Vasteras IK) "Black Eagles" Doll (Swedish hockey) = "VIK" on base is a decal. The chest decal has "V I K" in the shape of wings. The Vasteras IK hockey team started playing in 1939 in the top Swedish divisions. The Vasteras IK club was founded in 1913. They started play in the Swedish Elite-League in 1975-76.

VIK symbol


DIF swedish Doll

DIF (Djurgardens IF) "Iron Stoves" Doll (Swedish hockey) = "DIF" on base is a decal. The chest decal has "D I F" in the triangular crest. The Djurgardens IF hockey team started play in 1922 in the top Swedish divisions. The Djurgardens IF club was founded in 1891. They are the most successful team in Sweden, having won the Swedish Championships 16 times. They were also European Champions twice (1991 & 1992).



tre kronor program face


Intermediate Doll face

Intermediate Doll bottom

intermediate box

Intermediate Box
(Notice the neck protector!)

intermediate box

Intermediate Box
(Box dimensions = 6" high, 3 1/4" wide, 2 3/4 " deep)
Text on bottom of decal reads =
A Product of
Tex Coulter Enterprises Inc.
9200 Meilleur St. Montreal Que.

Printed on the bottom of the box = LEAFS (toronto)