Written by Larry Fox (March 1965)

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Key points of interest in the article =

* Sportservive Corp. & Bobbie Enterprises INC (Bobbie Doll Corp.) are mentioned
* Bobbie Doll Corp. was previously owned by the L.A. Rams Football team before the Sportservice Corp. bought them out.
* Dolls retailed for $1.00 at the NHL rinks. They were also sold by vendors who traveled throughout the stands! I could hear it now = "Pop corn, Peanuts, Budweiser, Bobbing head dolls!"
* Tells process how the Japanese made the dolls from the Prototype phase to final product (pg. 22)

* For any of you football bobbing head doll collectors; look carefully at the photo with the football dolls. The NY, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Dallas, Green Bay & Chicago dolls are from the 1961-63 NFL regular base "BLACK FACE" series! These dolls all have the raised "NFL" on the base. This is Very important!!! This is the series that you have to be careful of repainted faces because the heads / faces were the same as the more common "white face" dolls from that 1961-63 series. HINT - Look for the original red rouge on the cheeks. FYI= There were 3 series of football dolls that had black players. The other 2 "Blackface" series for football dolls were = the 1962-64 TOES UP & the 1963-64 Gold Square base. Both of these series had realistic face features (large red lips).

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