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Russian sidecar motorcycles  

     This picture was taken the day I traded in the red motorcycle in the background, for the two-tone model in the foreground. That's Del with me, and he's the owner of the local Harley shop. He also has a special fondness for sidecar motorcycles, so he sells the Russian Urals, even though they're not the finest machinery in the world.

    Once the warranty expired on the "Red" motorcycle, I felt the need for a different one, since it seems they drink a lot of vodka on the production line, while making these shameless imitations of vintage BMW's. The new one's got better carbs, and an electric starter, though it's still possible to kick-start the machine, something that can't be said for many modern motorcycles.

    I've had the sidecar off for a couple of summers now, since the kids are grown, and I don't need to haul 'em around anymore. With the telescoping front shock absorbers (rare for this brand that generally features trailing arms up front), and higher gearing in the rear end of the drive shaft, it's a good ride----vintage, but with parts available.

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