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Significant Updates to This Site


    For updates made 2003-2007, see here.

    July 9, 2008: An eagerly-anticipated, major update.

    Denise’s fun-lovin, butt-coverin’ sister-in-law Kelly Carter-Hubbard has thankfully left the BBAS foldAdios Amiga – hope your replacement works out well for Denise.  It’s got to suck being a family member of the Harding/Hubbard clan.

    BBAS reveals it is using Christian World Adoptions’ China program to sneak into that country, and attempts to counter this site. We explain on the linked page, and also here, why it doesn’t wash.

    More on the demise of AMREX, and each member of the “family” — Serg, Marina, and Tracy — gets their own page.

    Eric Downing, R.I.P.

    How BBAS continues to pretend to be a charity after the IRS-assisted demise of ICCF.

    Denise and BBAS get theirs at adoptionagencyratings.com.

    February 2010: The state finally takes action against A Child’s Waiting. Rudy Rivera gets into Guatemalan surrogacy. Candace O’Brien fails a simple accreditation test, but emerges with her ego uninjured.  The Great Recession forces Denise to put her dream house on the market, as international adoptions nosedive without cheap credit to fuel them.

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