Marina Zakharova

Mapинa Зaxapoвa

(AKA Mariz Bissett,

or Bisett)


Yeah, I'll search the world over
for my angel in black.
Yeah, I'll search the world over
for a Eurotrash Girl.



    Once the cocaine-like rush of thinking you’re better than your American customers and stealing from them wears off, another source of the “fix” needs to be found.  Marina Zakharova, knowing what direction Amrex, Genesis, Hague Software, Transparent Systems and IAC was headed, incorporated her own adoption entity eight months before Amrex declared Chapter 11.


    H. Grady Thrasher IV, an Amrex attorney known for sending nastygrams to pesky clients, incorporated an LLC on January 3, 2006 in Georgia. Mr. Thrasher IV is employed by the Atlanta law firm Whitley, Hampton & Morgan  — claiming to provide legal services “and representation with high ethical standards”. 


    This LLC’s name is JAIN Network. JAIN stands for "Joint Adoption Information Network", conjuring up reincarnated images of Amrex itself. We heard Marina was soliciting adoption agencies for JAIN, but cannot verify if any agencies used JAIN for referrals.  We sincerely hope Denise Lynn Harding-Hubbard and Richard J. Marco, Jr. are not going to use this organization for Russia.  Then again, we are talking about BBAS here.


    Another observation about JAIN.  We were tipped off that the ICAR - InterCountry Adoption Registry's URL ( is now owned by JAIN.  As of February 22, 2007, ICAR was no longer independent.  It was back in Zakharova's hands.


    Marina Zakharova isn't only in the for-profit child business.  Come now!  A woman of her considerable talents, mysterious demeanor and hideous Slavic charm is worth much more to the world than a simple child broker.  She is, don’t you realize, a gifted decorator, with an artistic, gauche bent.  She desires to show everyone how to implement beauty into their lives at her show room-like house on Monroe Drive in Atlanta which shares the same address as JAIN. 


    Thus another Marina Zakharova incarnation was born.  She incorporated a lifestyle organization called “Le Bam Decor” currently operating under the name Le Bam: Private Art and Studio Design.  The site is currently being hosted by Taylor Made Creative Designs.


    It’s difficult to describe what Le Bam Decor does or why — weddings, decorating, parties — you have to click on the link to believe it.  People who work in Le Bam’s neighborhood said Marina is trying to turn the place into a nightclub (So far she hasn't even been available to get the local zoning board to approve her request for extra parking spaces).


    On the website it says: “Handcrafted trees and wood art as well as curves of the space are captivating and can not leave any viewer indifferent to the space.”


    Speaking for myself, I’m not easily captivated by curves of the space and handcrafted trees with wooden art throughout.  Viewing the photos on the website makes the “studio” seem like an ecstasy-fueled Hansel & Gretel tour.  With Marina/Mariz Bisett as the wicked witch ready to toss your body to hang on one of those handcrafted trees.  What pretty decorations Le Bam’s guests must make when they’re dangling from the wooden trees!


    Because she had radically changed her business, “Marina Zakharova” was obviously too Russian to her discerning clientele.  Fitting in with her delusions of design and entertainment hegemony, Marina recast herself into the Francophile appellation of “Mariz Bissette” (or Bisett so she could be less able be Googled) as Le Bam’s “Creator of VISUAL PHILOSOPHY”. 


    Le Bam's upcoming attractions were once hilarious. We are not making this up.  I wish we were that crafty, but we’re not.  Obviously, Marina aka Mariz is.


    Not happy having Le Bam the Private Art & Design Studio, Marina/Mariz Bisett incorporated another high-end design and construction company called originally, MB Design Build located right in Marina’s Monroe Drive house.  It must be nice living where you work.


    And just how did Marina acquire, as she claims on MB’s website, “extensive expertise and experience in modern construction and design.”  Does bilking stupid American clients out of money and children actually give you the expertise to purchase over-priced, soulless modern homes, re-do them and try to sell them to the same stupid American clients you so crassly trashed out while you took their money?


    MB claims to have completed projects in the “Ansley community and midtown area, as well as internationally.”  By internationally is she saying Moscow?  And if it is Moscow, we’d love to see her mother’s lavish apartment and/or house on the outskirts of the city.  Maybe Marina even fixed her ex-husband Alexander up with an expertly designed Eurotrash suite.


    Go here for some familiar photos showing MB’s projects. While you’re at it, surf over to the Gallery to see the Bam Lounge, the Windward Residence, the Midtown Residence and the Golf Course Residence.  Now — who used to own those, we wonder?  Read below for further information about the Zakharova/Bisett real estate boom.


    In the year following Amrex’s demise, Marina Zakharova, aka Mariz Bisette, is an exception to her ex husband.  Unlike he who lives in abject poverty with his son, Marina still has cash flow. It’s hard to discern if she is receiving fees from JAIN or makes more in maintaining Le Bam to its fullest, night-clubby extent.


    The 341 meeting revealed Marina was “squeaky clean”.  The houses which she lived in were hers.  The 1664 Lennox Road house, is available to rent (March 2008) for $3,200 a month, with the option to buy for $750,000. (check out the photos – familiar rooms and decorating)


    Another super-modern, expensively designed and decorated Marina-owned dwelling is for sale — newly remodeled in the Sherwood Forest Gulf Community on Robin Hill Road. This dwelling, once a two-storey was now a three-storey.  Talk about major renovation in concrete, steel and glass! Anybody have a spare $2.2million lying around?  Could be yours if you have the cash and cachet.


    The Monroe Drive dwelling is used for Le Bam and MB Design Build as stated previously.


    Any money Marina makes from these sales won’t be going towards bilked agencies or their clients.  Our bet is the funds have been and will be wired right back to Russia, right into the pockets of Marina’s family.  How well are Alexander Zakharov and Galina Bonderenko living in Moscow now?  In their likely designed MB and constructed Slavic Mansions?


    As for Marina’s personal life, like her ex-step son, she too maintains a page on the local Atlanta Meet Up boards.  Except she’s on the “Elite Singles” group. 


    Her profile, complete with sad looking, waif, oh-woe-is-me photo with her dress hanging off her shoulders, is classic.  One of the “shouts” called the look “glam 18th century”.  We call it, don’t jump on that ride!


    Her blurb accompanying the photo is par for the oh-woe-is-me course. 


Had failed Relationships to realize that you can not settle for somebody who is not on your spiritual level. Looking to make a difference in other single people's lives. Had failed relationships to realize that you can not settle for somebody who is not on your spiritual level. I will always believe in magical love and ultimate devotion and trust.


    As for her occupation, she says: Hello, I own a web based software company in social field. Very interested to meet people in the industry and exchange knowledge”(Sic).


    Instead of Le Bam or MB Design Build, she gives JAIN’s URL.

    Is Marina (oops: Mariz) truly lonely, feeling spiritually bereft when she’s not making other people’s lives pure misery?   Newsflash for Mariz Bissette: If you are truly feeling spiritually bereft and looking for somebody to share it your sorrows with, you need to come clean and realize that you have neither a soul nor empathy.  Only when you come clean to the hurt you’ve caused and make financial restitution towards those who you’ve bilked, can you, Marina make a true “spiritual” connection.

    Oh, and you should stop touting champagne drinking in her comments section to others “Singles” posts.  Like you should be drinking anything stronger than water, considering your genetics.

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