The Mission of Wolf River School to Work Partnership is to develop programs that further the educational, economic and businesses interests of those communities served by the Partnership.  This will be accomplished by developing linkages between schools, school districts, business organizations higher education institutions, and other community groups that are dedicated to improving both community and regional educational systems and the economic health of the communities served by the Partnership.

In addition to developing such linkages, the partnership is also dedicated to improving the work skills of local workers, creating a system where by young people and other workers meet the job and skill demands of the future by earning post-secondary degrees and involving educational systems in local business and industry communities in a way that improves the competitiveness of such businesses and industries.  The overall strategy of the Partnership should further the economic success of the communities the Partnership serves.

Wolf River School to Work Partnership
Council Members
2004/2005 School Year

Rich Hess, Shawano/Gresham School District
Shirley Venz, Shawano Medical Center
Ron Stuber, Shawano County Job Center
Gus Knitt, Marion School District
Tom O'Toole, Clintonville School District
Jeff Roloff, Shawano Auto Sales
Pat Schutt, Schutt Industries
Peter Behnke, Bonduel School District
Sandee Wadleigh, Fox Valley Technical College

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