NO growth hormones
NO steroids
NO antibiotics
NO unusual and cheap feed 

We take our cattle to the butcher ourselves.  Each animal is tagged as is gets off the trailer.  They arrive on a Monday and are butchered on a Tuesday.  This allows a day for their stomachs to empty before butchering.

When our cattle are slaughtered they get a permanent tag identifying them as property of Venneford Farm Country Meats.  The beef hangs in the cooler for 8 to 14 days.

When our meat is cut and wrapped it is weighed and labeled immediately with our farm name, name of cut, exact weight and price.  Our labels are just like the ones you see in the grocery stores. 

If you have ordered a mixed quarter or half of beef or pork from us, your meat will be put under your name at the time that they cut and wrap the packages.  The packages will be labeled with the name of the cut but not the weight.

All meat will have minimal handling and will never be transported during an unfrozen state unless requested by you.

All of our batches of sausage and processed meats are made in
individual batches with no added fillers,  fat, pieces parts and no one else's meat mixed in.  No preservatives are used.

Phone:  (715) 823-3431   

The Farm Store is Located at:           E10626 County Road I
Clintonville, WI  54929

We are regulars at the Year Round farmers market at Memorial Park Arboretum & Garden,
1313 Witzke Blvd.       
Appleton, WI   

Take the Ballard Road exit off Hwy 41

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