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Bear and Bull [15:54]


Dead Air [3:03]


Fecal Diagnostics [2:38]

Ronnie Boy [1:50] 

The Serial Bubble [6:25]

Fejervary [5:23] 

The Land of Opportunity [8:38]

The Exit Tamer [4:59]

Mail Order Doll [3:13]

Hominid Love Letter [4:36]

Stigmergy [5:13]

The Comfort Inn [3:16]

It Was a Morning in September (by Carlos Drummond de Andrade) [4:03]

Junk Food Weekend (with sons Soren and Reiner) [4:02]

The Little Fool [15:41]

Interview with Tim Kahl regarding his book Possessing Yourself with Jeffrey Callison on Capital Public Radio's Insight [Sept. 23, 2009] (starts about 1/3 of the way through)

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