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Agassiz (Univ. of Minnesota) Damning the Father
American Letters & Commentary Anamnesis
Apalachee Review The Unnatural Man
Bouillabaisse 1945
B City Angels Kissing
The Bard Winter Song
Berkeley Poetry Review
(Univ. of California, Berkeley)
Headspin Sandwich
Big Muddy The Swimsuit Model
Bifröst Station . . . Winter; Märchen
Brass City Reportedly
The Broken Plate The Undertaker's Sale
Caliban Tarantula Sightings; A Visit to Arcosanti; The Feng Shui Man; The Alternative Title for Tomorrow
Carquinez Poetry Review Baptism, A Perfect Day of Kickball
Cellar Roots (Eastern Michigan Univ.) Trigger Points; Holland, Michigan Makes It onto the Short List; Before the Psalms Were Written; Tourniquet; Luddites; The Maple Seed as Scripture
The Chrysalis Reader The Exit Tamer
Clackamas Literary Review (Clackamas Community College) Ashfall
Coastal Forest Review The Irene Algorithm
Collages & Bricolages Protective Colorations
Compass Rose A Wisdom Fable
Coffee & Chicory The Queen of Spades, Confidences,
Pensive Dragon
Conduit Shrivel Level
Confluence (Marietta College) Sentinel
Die Young
(Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana)
Schwärmerei, Grid Chthonics, Grains,
Sibelius, Compass
Eclipse (Glendale College) Initiation
English Journal
(Youngstown State Univ.)
Eureka Literary Magazine
(Eureka College)
Mail File; Ablution
Fourteen Hills
(San Francisco State Univ.)
Procedure; Hierophany

Fox Cry Review (University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley)

The Janitor of Souls
Fulcrum Paleolithic Tea
George Washington Review (George Washington Univ.) The Yellow River
Gulf Stream Magazine (Florida International Univ.) Desert Tortoise
The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review The Sense on the Streets
Illuminations (College of Charleston) Performance Anxiety; Subtitled
Indiana Review (University of Indiana) The Shape Box
Inky Blue Casino Gardens; Buffalo Jump in Two Acts
The Journal (Ohio State University) The Tour of Homes
Left Curve The Coordinates of the Invisible; Marx’s Critique of Pure Drinking Water
Limestone (University of Kentucky) Fission
Lightning & Ash The Passive Hand
The Louisville Review (Spalding University) Pluot
The MacGuffin (Schoolcraft College) Requiem for a Field of Blackbirds
Madison Review (Univ. of Wisconsin) Autumn Molt
Midnight Mind Look Under “Minnows” in The Kinsey Report

Midwest Quarterly (Pittsburg State Univ.)

The Naturalist
University of Minnesota Daily American
Munyori Poetry Journal Jenipapo, Crucible, Minions, Orion
The New Laurel Review The Convent
Nightsun Magazine (Frostburg State Univ.) Crusade
night rally Paper Firebird
Ninth Letter (Univ. of Illinois) Derrida in Florida; Clannish
Nimrod (Univ. of Tulsa) The Snow Surveyor
North Dakota Quarterly (Univ. of North Dakota) Alashan, Daylight, The Call to Evening Prayer
November 3rd Club Arlington West
The Notre Dame Review (Notre Dame University) Hölderlin’s Garden
Oregon East (Eastern Oregon University) Congratulations; Adequacy; The Veterinarian
Oyez Review (Roosevelt Univ.) Text of a Life Dropped Deep Into
Palo Alto Review Escaping Winter
Passager (University of Baltimore) The Adoration
Phantasmagoria (Century College, St. Paul, MN) Marvelous Light
Poet Lore Hominid Love Letter
Poetry Motel The Snow Beast
Prairie Winds (Dakota Wesleyan) When A Happy Thing Falls; Three Pennies in the Fountain
Prairie Schooner (University of Nebraska—Lincoln) Society of Allergics
Princeton Arts Review Camp Empathy
RE:AL (Stephen F. Austin State Univ.) The Trend
Rio Family Driftwood
The Red Wheelbarrow Euro-Fable
Reed Magazine (San Jose State Univ.) Trailhead; Night Skin
The Sacramento Anthology:
100 Poems
Sacramento News and Review Phallocrypt
Sanskrit Mail Order Doll
Slipstream Vitalis
Solo Missing The Leonids
South Dakota Review (University of South Dakota) Death and Transfiguration at Monterey Bay; The Value of a Feather

Southern Indiana Review (University of Southern Indiana)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Spoon River Poetry Review
(Illinois State Univ.)
Loss of Rapture
Square Lake Heliocracy, Pecking Order; The Supply of Optimism
Suisun Valley Review Bright Pillow; La Machine Infernale
Sulphur River Literary Review Ovation
Sundog:The Southeast Review (Florida State Univ.) Heartland Pathology
Synaesthetic Synaesthetic
The Silver Web The Leftover Room
The Texas Review (Sam Houston State Univ.) La Dolce Vita
The Tule Review Nirvana
Umbrella The Lesser Monsters
Weber Studies (Weber State University) Kaniksu
West Wind Review (Southern Oregon University) The Decision-Maker
The World (St. Mark’s Poetry Project) The Fossil Manual
Willow Review (College of Lake County) Peanut Resolve; Spitters
WTF Art Mantecon Escapes the Gulag of his Morning Cereal
Breakfast Served All Day Chanson (Song), Erzählung (Tale), Stein (Stone) by Christoph Meckel [from the German]
Illuminations (College of Charleston) Por Preço do Ocasião (At a Bargain Price), Nunca Descuidando Do Dever (Never Neglecting Duty) by Marina Colasanti; Cinelandia Estação (Cinelandia Station), As Iluminações (The Illuminations), Os Morçegos (The Bats), O Alvo (The Target) by Lêdo Ivo; Bomba X (Bomb X), Canção de uma Cidade Morta (Song of a Dead City) by Denise Emmer; A Bunda, que Engraçada (The Ass, How Amusing) by Carlos Drummond de Andrade [all from the Portuguese]
Lullwater Review (Emory Univ.) Labirinto (Labyrinth) by José Saramago [from the Portuguese]
Marlboro Review Demissão (Resignation), Ouvindo Beethoven (Listening To Beethoven), Acidente de Viação (Traffic Accident) by José Saramago [from the Portuguese]
ONTHEBUS Deja-vu (Deja-vu) and der Garten, funkelnd wie seine Gewässer (The Garden, Flashing Like His Waters) by Friederike Mayröcker [from the German]
Porcupine Inscrição (Inscription), Martirio de Tiradentes (Martyrdom of Tiradentes) by Marly de Oliveira [from the Portuguese]

Spoon River Poetry Review (Illinois State Univ.)

wie die Pupillen schwimmen (How the Pupils Swim), dies junge Grün das den Augen aber ein dunkles Gelöbnis (The Young Green of the Eyes But a Dark Promise) Winterserie 2 (Winter Series 2), Winterserie 5 (Winter Series 5) by Friederike Mayröcker [from the German]
Synaesthetic Wir fressen einander aus der Hand (We Eat Out of Each Other’s Hands [Marcel Beyer]), Gründonnerstag 91 (Maundy Thursday 91) by Friederike Mayröcker [from the German]
Visions International Den gamle mannen og treet (The Old Man and the Tree) by Stein Mehren [from the Norwegian]


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