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Idra Novey — The Next Country
Jasper Bernes — Starsdown
Kathryn Cowles — Eleanor, Eleanor, Not Your Real Name
Brandi Homan —Hard Reds
Nathaniel Tarn — Ins and Outs of the Forest Rivers
Frank Stanford — The Singing Knives
Mary Jo Bang — Elegy
Bill Rasmovicz — The World In Place of Itself
Thylias Moss — Tokyo Butter
Ken Babstock — Airstream Land Yacht
Pablo Neruda tr. by William O' Daly — Still Another Day
Ann Killough — Beloved Idea
Noah Eli Gordon — Novel Pictorial Noise
Susan Kelly-DeWitt — The Fortunate Islands
Eleni Sikelianos — The California Poem
Donald Revell — A Thief of Strings
Joe Wenderoth — No Real Light
Jeff Knorr — The Third Body
H. L. Hix — Chromatic
Ben Lerner — Angle of Yaw
Paul Hoover — Edge and Fold
Ashley Capps — Mistaking the Sea for Green Fields
Jean-Paul Pecquer — The Case Against Happiness
Lisa Lubasch — Twenty-One After Days
Dan Beachy-Quick — Mulberry
Joshua Clover — The Totality For Kids
Camille Norton — Corruption
Brenda Hillman — Pieces of Air in the Epic
Ruth Ellen Kocher — One Girl Babylon
Stephen Burt — Parallel Play
Geraldine Kim — Povel
Julianna Spahr — This Connection of Everyone With Lungs
Eye Against Eye — Forrest Gander
Albert Garcia — Skunk Talk
Joshua McKinney — The Novice Mourner
Clayton Eshleman — My Devotion
Sue Sinclair — Breaker
Bei Dao — Unlock
Cole Swensen — Goest
Quinton Duval — Joe's Rain
George Kalamaras — Even The Java Sparrows Call Your Hair
Bin Ramke — Airs, Waters, Places


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