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Placing your animation on a web page
Use <IMG> tag just like any other image; always include the HEIGHT and WIDTH parameters for faster page downloading. For compressed animations, it's best to set the HEIGHT and WIDTH parameters to the actual animation size. If you set it differently, you may see some unsightly remnants of the moving images left behind. Here's an example -- my home animation is actually 182 by 207. See what happens if I set the WIDTH and HEIGHT to 180 and 202-- watch the blue moving man and see the little blue specks he leaves behind. These go away if the size is set properly to 182 x 207.
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Animations can be used just like any static image -- as a button, link, or image map (no, the link 'hot spot' can't move around with the animation). Animations can not be used as a BACKGROUND image.

I try to minimize the number of graphics on a page with an animation so that the animation will load quickly and smoothly. Too many other graphics make the animation start and stop too much.

Viewing your animation with your web browser
Use Netscape 3.0 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher. Earlier versions supported GIF animations however had several bugs and often crashed when displaying animations.

You can view your animations off-line without placing them on a HTML page. Just select FILE|OPEN FILE in NS3.0, (FILE|OPEN|BROWSE in NS4.0 and IE3.0), double-click the file and the animation will play in the upper left corner of the browser window.

Netscape's animation engine relies on the disk cache. If you turn off caching on your browser the animation won't loop and may not play at all. If the animation is too large to store in the cache it won't loop.

To stop an animation from playing hit STOP or Escape key. Remember to wait until the page to finish loading first or you will interrupt transmission of the HTML page as well (you can tell if the page is still loading by looking if the Netscape logo is still active). Netscape 4.0 also has a menu selection to stop animations VIEW|STOP ANIMATIONS.

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