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Animations that teach
GIF animation's power as a teaching tool is mostly unrecognized. Here are some examples.
Fleeting Glimpse
Follow the links for Juggling and String Figures

What real artists can do
Jeremy Sutton Art & Animation

Inspiration step8
Animation walls
You can place several animations together in a Table to create an animation wall. If you want to have the animations butt together with no space between make sure border=0 cellpadding=0 and cellspacing=0 in the TABLE tag.

JZ Presents the GIF Animation Gallery

JavaScript image replacement with animations
Place the cursor over the button to play animation. Remove the cursor to stop. (Requires Nav3+ or IE4+). For JavaScript coding to do this, visit; 

Webreference'sUniversal Javascript Rollover
Directions on doing Javascript rollovers - advanced

Javascript tip of the week
Has an example (the coffee cup) and tells how to do it.

Webcoder How to
Follow the link to the Definitive rollover script

Text Movies
Dreamstate: Consciousness
"Storytelling for the digital age - Films are shot with words and type". These aren't exactly GIF animations but they could be.
GIF animation archives
Rose's Animated Gifs
A large collection of gif animations, thoughfully accredited to their creators

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