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Fat Tuesday

The mask was pyro-engraved. Metallic powders were applied with wax. Acrylic paint, metallic embossing powders, brads, glass for eyes, texture medium, leather cording, string, beads and found objects were also used. The back of gourd was painted black.

New Orleans II

A gourd piece was inserted for nose, the mask was then carved.  Half of the mask was painted with acrylic paint, gold composition leaf was applied to other half.  Glass eyes were used as well as texture medium for lips. The back is painted with black latex paint.



This mask was carved and pyro-engraved.  Leather dye and acrylic pain were used.  Glass was used for eyes.  The mask is embellished with feathers, pipe cleaners, beads and found objects. The back is painted with black latex paint.

Pax, Peace

Assemblage of gourd pieces, metallic powders applied with wax, metallic  embossing powder, glass, wire, cardboard, beads, found objects, latex for back.



First a section of gourd was attached for nose. It was then pyro- engraved. Metallic paint and patina were applied . Glass was used for eyes, horse hair, sea grass, beads, seed pods and found objects were used to complete the mask.  Latex paint for back.


ZePhyr, the west wind

Pyro-engraved design, texture medium, leather dye, metallic paint and patina, acrylic paint, glass eyes, leather cording, metallic powder applied with wax onto gourd ear rings, found objects. Latex paint for back.


The cat, the design was also burned and three different shades of leather dye were used.  Beads were attached for whiskers. Glass eyes, feather and beads complete this happy cat.  The back of the mask is painted with latex paint.



Eduardo’s intricate design was pyro-engraved. Three shades of leather dye were used in addition to acrylic paint. Eduardo’s hair is recycled straw from a straw hat.  The back of the mask is painted black.



The mask has been burned (pyro-engraved) Leather dye achieved the rich coloring.  Leather strips were used for hair and decor as well as beads and wire. Black latex paint was used on back.

  Kalistos , most beautiful

Designs were burned into mask.  Leather dye, metallic paint and patina were used.

A section of gourd was inserted for mouth and leather was used for the nose..

Hermione ,God of speed and good luck

A design was burned into this mask, upholstery tacks, dimensional glue and composition leaf decorate this mask.  Glass eyes were secured in cut out triangles and cording was used for hair. Found objects, beads and wire were also used. Black latex paint was used for back..

Mardi Gras II

Mask was pyro-engraved and painted with acrylic paint. It was adorned with beads, feathers and glass. Paper was used for the crown. Black latex paint was used for back.

Each mask has been signed and dated by the artist.

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