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Horse Training and Riding Lessons

Contact Karen for information.

Clickin' On Ranch
Karen, Justin and Sarah Parker
3749 Dick George Road
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523
Phone [541] 592-3839

Why do clicker training? It's fun! It's easy! Horses love it!
People love it! It's effective! It's fast! It builds a great relationship between you and your horse! Anyone can do it! You can teach your horse anything with clicker training!

With clicker training you can teach your horse to:
* Come to the mounting block to pick you up
* Stand still for mounting
* Give to the bit
* Whoa and stand still
* Back
* Burn on forehand and haunches
* Sidepass
* Leg yield
* Lower head
* Work over obstacles
* Despooking
* Retrieve your hat
* Honk a horn
* Push and kick a ball
* Fetch the mail
* Pick up objects and fetch while being ridden

Personal Video Lessons
Send a video of you working with your horse for a personal lesson and help with problems for $25. Please send a check or money order with video.




Karen's daughter, Sarah, dancing with Francisco.
Kathy Taylor photo

Top Photo - Karen on Mirab