IDE CompactFlash Adapter FAQ

Q. How does the CompactFlash Adapter work?

A. The CompactFlash Adapter performs physical and electrical mating of any standard CompactFlash card to any computer equipped with an IDE controller. It does this by putting the CompactFlash into "True IDE" mode, giving it the same properties and characteristics of an IDE hard drive -- except it is a solid-state flash disk.

Q. Are any special drivers or software required?

A. No. True IDE mode makes the CompactFlash appear just like an IDE hard drive. No special drivers are needed whatsoever.

Q. Will any CompactFlash card work?

A. If the card follows the CompactFlash specification, then it will most probably work fine with the adapter. We have tested Kingston, RCA and Lexar brand CompactFlash cards and can recommend them on that basis, but we feel comfortable that the adapter will work with other available brands.

Q. How large of a CompactFlash card will the adapter support?

A. Theoretically, any size will work, just as any size IDE hard drive will work. Currently, CompactFlash cards are available on the market in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB sizes. We haven't tested those sizes but they should work fine.

Q. For the CoCo, are any special Disk BASIC or OS-9 drivers needed?

A. No. Since the CompactFlash card looks just like an IDE drive, any OS-9 drivers that you are using should work just fine. Also, our HDB-DOS product, which supports the Glenside IDE controller, will also work with the CompactFlash Adapter.

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